Russian “White Swan” is haunted by American experts

After re-election in March 2012 for the post of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has put forward an ambitious program of modernization of the Russian army, which must be fully completed by 2020. Its aim is to upgrade all weapons training not less than 250 thousand soldiers and officers able to wield high-tech weapons, and the development of traditional national army, which under any circumstances would “serve the Fatherland”.

This reform was launched under the title of “Program 2020”. Vladimir Putin presented it at a special meeting with the participation of leading young scientists from different areas, representatives of economic, financial, industrial, agricultural sectors and services, commanders of the armed forces, security services and intelligence agencies, Ministers and, finally, representatives of the military-industrial complex.

In his report on the advantages and merits of the project, the President of Russia put forward the basic idea: from now on the military industry will be the center of economy and science, as well as the public life of the Russian Federation. Based on this idea, we can confidently say that the Russian military industry is the core and the link for all countries and peoples seeking freedom, independence, progress and development and to liberation movements around the world, regardless of their religious or ideological affiliation.

During the discussion, some participants noted that, given all the circumstances, “Programme 2020” in the best scenario can only be executed on 70%. Deputy Prime Minister and head of the military-industrial complex of Russia Dmitry Rogozin (it is one of the “hawks” of Putin’s Russian public movement, which now controls the country) said: “the Program of President Putin, will be implemented 100%.”

In parallel, we would like to highlight the most important achievements of scientists in the Russian military industry, as well as the progress in the modernization of existing weapons and the creation of new species.


Here we will present a brief overview of the flying fortress called “White Swan”. The recently released Tu-160M2 is an updated version of the Tu-160 bomber, also known under the name of “White Swan”. This development is not haunted by the American experts on strategic aviation.

An updated version of the “White Swan” has greatly enhanced and strengthened the military Arsenal of Russia. To such conclusion experts of the American magazine The National Interest, dealing with the actual problems of military strategy and industry.

The magazine mentions that the first copies of the Tu-160 bomber, which NATO calls the Blackjack (Blackjack), will go into operation in 2022. Moreover, the air force leadership has ordered that the entered operation, 30 to 50 aircraft of this model. It is also stated that the Tu-160M2 will be made by the parties every two or three years at all plants, and that the implementation of this program is quite realistic.

Expert on military Affairs, Advisor in the U.S. Kennan Institute Michael Coffman (Michael Kofman) said: “This fully updated bomber. Modification of the Tu-160 confirms Russia’s intention to develop the sector strategic bombers”.

National Interest magazine pointed out that, by analogy with the old TU-160 is a new bomber in the first place, is the carrier of cruise missiles capable of precision strikes. In addition, the Tu-160M2 equipped with modern avionics and a new engine in addition to the fact that the developers changed his design.

The development of the Tu-160M2 has become a new part of the Russian military program in which special attention is given to strategic systems. When the Tu-160M2 come into operation, it will significantly strengthen the Russian military Arsenal.


Tu-160 is the big, powerful and heavy of all supersonic bombers. Moreover, it is the largest and fastest aircraft in this category, is put into operation.