Adaptive quarantine in Ukraine: what’s wrong with him

From April 1 in Ukraine began the next stage of easing of the quarantine

May 22, Ukraine has moved to adaptive quarantine. The government has identified three criteria that give regions the right to relax the quarantine. However, these criteria can be cause of quarantine begin to leave the field, not even to remove the restrictions, experts say. And from June 1, the country began the third stage of the weakening quarantine. Open fitness centers, allowed trains and interregional message. This can lead to a new wave of disease.

Show that the exit criteria from quarantine

The Ministry of health has allowed to relax the quarantine, if the area meets three criteria:

  • The number of new cases. If the new detected patients less than 12 per 100 thousand inhabitants in seven days, it is one of the reasons to weaken the quarantine.
  • The employment of beds in hospitalsthat are willing to accept patients with COVID-19. The hospital must be more than half of the available beds for patients.
  • The testing coverage. The average number of tests over seven days must not be less than 12 per 100 thousand inhabitants.
  • If all three criteria are met, the area may weaken the quarantine.