A mother actively lose weight, not knowing that she is in 7th month of pregnancy

Incredible event occurred in the UK. 36-year-old Nicola Robles-Hewson lost weight for a few months, but my stomach was not decreasing. And just a month before the birth she found out that all this time she was pregnant.

A mother of five children from the town of long Stratton, Norfolk, long struggled with obesity and eventually, in October 2016, has decided to undergo a weight loss program based on plant foods: in small quantity are allowed meat and fish, but the main food is vegetables and fruits. 36-year-old Nicola Robles-Hewson wanted to lose about 20 kg, and in January her weight decreased by 6 kg, but my stomach was still big. Then the woman thought it was due to the new diet, which she had Gaza, and continued to work out at the gym – “life”.

When she talked about his health a friend who sat on a similar diet, she advised her to immediately get a pregnancy test. Nicola was in shock and a month later gave birth to a boy named Andres, nine weeks premature.

“I was in complete shock. And so we have five kids and only three beds in the house. I had no idea how we will cope even with the sixth. But Andres is a beautiful child. And now we can’t imagine life without it,” says Nicola.

Andres a few days kept in the incubator, and now the baby is absolutely healthy. Relatives and friends of the family transfer them money for clothing and food for the new family member.