Fillon: “How to combat Islamism and the rest, macron says nothing specific”

In an exclusive interview three days before the first round, former Prime Minister criticizes the leader of the program “Forward!” and warns of right-wing voters: “If they vote for Le Pen, will receive the Makron!”

Le Figaro: the Planned attack, which was announced on Tuesday, was aimed specifically against you?

Francois Fillon: the Minister of internal Affairs Mathias Fekl (Matthias Fekl) warned me last Thursday, describing the interception of messages where I was called a goal. Intelligence agencies have taken security precautions, but we never changed our campaign.

— Why target would choose you, and not marine Le Pen, for example?

— There is nothing strange that the sights could be the candidate with the most demanding project of the struggle against Islamic totalitarianism. The terrorists choose a target based on all the hype that they hope will provoke their actions. In fact, under the gun, was all of French society.

These unprecedented during the presidential campaign of threats to push you to the extension of the measures planned?

— I’m defending the only possible and effective strategy to combat this threat, the global strategy as outside and inside our borders. In particular, it is necessary to take more stringent measures against those who might become terrorists on the territory of our country, to revoke the citizenship of those who went to fight in Syria and Iraq, even if they are French. The laws are, so let’s use them! You can stay legal government, not unleashing the hands of those who may pose a threat.

— Whether to inform the mayors about people who live in their municipalities?

— This is required by valérie Pécresse (Valérie Pécresse), and I agree with that. What about if a person is doubtful, it is necessary to notify the local authorities and the competent authorities, particularly in vulnerable sectors, like transport.

Emmanuel macron suggests that “strong measures against terrorism.” What the difference of your own?

— As the fight against Islamism and the rest, Emmanuel macron says nothing specific. He had not felt the slightest desire to effectively combat this threat, which he is not even identified as such. For Macron Islamism is a totalitarian danger to world peace. He takes the classical anti-terrorist rhetoric to appease, he believes, the Muslim electorate. Unlike me, he’s not talking about the existence of fundamentalist movements in the Muslim faith, with which to fight. He also does not insist on the expulsion of those who make anti-Republican statements, and the dissolution of the Salafi or close to the “Muslim brotherhood” movement, which clearly belong to the jihadist current.

© AFP 2017, Eliot BlondetУчастники presidential debate on French TV channel TF1 (left to right): françois Fillon, Emmanuel macron, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, marine Le Pen and benoît Amon . 20 Mar 2017

— Whether you consider the Union of Islamic organizations of France to the number of movements that need to dissolve?

— The court will decide on the outcome of the investigation.

Emmanuel macron called press statement on terrorist attacks one of his assistants Mohamed Sau “a little radical”, but did not refuse his services. What do you think about his position?

— He did not even made a decision on his suspension! It says a lot about his ambiguous position on all these issues. From the speeches of Emmanuel Macron, the impression is that it does not protect the national identity, history, cultural roots… Like everything is out of fashion. Like we all live in a society where all that matters is the individual, and the individual that has no history, no identity.

— What will be the philosophy of your policy beyond our borders?

— Our strategy of alignment to the US and Europe is difficult to call it good. To eliminate Islamic totalitarianism will not work with the forces of one only of the West. It was a mistake to abandon the coalition that I’m here for four years I propose to form with Russia, Iran and all involved in this fight countries. The position of Germany on this issue began to change for one simple reason: the country is now under threat.

— Is it possible still to consider a future with Bashar al-Assad after a chemical attack in Syria?

— The fight against Islamic totalitarianism in Syria is impossible without the regime and its forces. To assert that the presence of Bashar al-Assad does not allow us to work with Russia and Iran to eliminate the Islamic totalitarianism is a dead — end position. They need a contract that would protect their interests in the region. For Russia, Syria is one of the symbols to recover her strength.

— Donald trump was right when he ordered the strike?

His behavior is unpredictable. He suddenly changes his mind, and his strategy of threat. Whatever it was, Barack Obama also has not shown much strength and foresight in foreign policy. With Donald trump concern right now is primarily emotional side of his ravings. Need to calm down. Remember that it is because of these layers of events starting the war. It is worth considering what will happen in the day of direct confrontation of Russia and America. Russia is unstable, and it should be treated with caution.

— Is it possible to remove the sanctions against Russia with no movements in the Crimea?

— Must comply with two basic, albeit contradictory principle: respect for borders and international law and the right of peoples to self-determination. No one can deny that the Crimea — Russian territory in the historical, cultural and linguistic terms. To persist and to claim that Russia must withdraw from Crimea, it is meaningless. This will never happen.

The only way out of the crisis — a conference on the future of Crimea under the auspices of the UN. It will allow us to find a solution.

— What are the implications of the Turkish referendum?

— It can speed up the movement of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the direction of the imperialist regime type.

— You could invite European partners once and for all to stop the process of Turkey’s accession to the EU, to say that she doesn’t belong there?

I am against Turkey joining the European Union. You need to offer the Turks to discuss the expansion of the partnership in economy and security. It seems to me that the entry of Turkey into the EU is a very dangerous time bomb. Sooner or later the time will come when it will be clear that accession is impossible, in particular because of the opposition of some countries, including France. The more we wait, the more acute confrontation with Turkey. It is impossible to risk such conflict because only one point of agreement on refugees.

— What kind of relationship you would like to set up with Angela Merkel?

— In the next few days after the inauguration I will suggest Angela Merkel meet in Strasbourg to discuss the future of Europe. I’ll offer her to join efforts for the economic and financial recovery. The aim is to organize a Eurozone economic government, the General Secretariat and the plan for harmonization of tax systems. We need to strive for sovereignty. For us it is the best defense against the hegemony of the dollar and the Chinese currency.

— Whether the Ministry of Finance of the Eurozone?

— Most importantly, to the heads of state and government met once every three months to control the Eurozone, which should be independent from the European Commission, the Secretariat-General.

— Should we aspire to a wider military integration?

— In parallel with the Alliance need a European defense Alliance in which each country would fully retain its autonomy and independence. In addition, we need to gradually establish a real European defence industry and create a Fund to ensure the financing of external operations. To make decisions about it should neither the European Commission nor the EU. It simply will not work. Enough of the contract seeking to ensure the European States. The Germans now are that much more open than a few months ago. They saw that American protection is not as strong as it seemed, and that they face a new threat that Islamic totalitarianism, although they considered themselves safe.

— You said that you have evidence of government interference in the investigation of your case. Why you did not disclose?

— The consequence should be engaged in law enforcement.

— What can you say right-wing voters who might be tempted to vote for marine Le Pen?

— If they vote for Le Pen, will receive the Makron! Every vote of the Republican right, which goes to the Treasury of NetFront or Nicolas DuPont-Aignan, increases the risk of election Rules.

— Apparently, you are attracted towards young voters. How do you explain this?

— Again, you push away from the polls! I constantly hear classic media comments: “At the meetings a little young”. Honestly, this has always been a classic difficulty for parties on both the left and right. Young people have a desire for the radical and revolutionary solutions. Not to say that it applied to me at their age, but still… I’m the only candidate who offers the youth a future, a job, freedom and independence. I only propose to remove from their shoulders the burden of accumulated debts of previous generations. I only offer them a radical reform of the educational system and struggle with unacceptable inequalities in school for which France went to all the other major European countries.

— What do you think about the controversy among “Republicans” about “Common sense”?

— I’m sorry to see such intolerance. We are talking about the political correctness with which I struggle. I remember the government that we have formed with Nicolas Sarkozy. There was not only Alain Juppe (Alain Juppé), and Christine Butene (Christine Boutin) and Bernard Kushner (Bernard Kouchner). I don’t recall that anyone was struck. I do not support all positions of “Common sense”, but they know that and support me because I believe that I have the best project. This confirms that they are not fanatics. They have the majority, and they showed great resilience in this campaign. What not to say about the others. To build, you need to merge. Except that some people under the pretext that they do not go in the “direction of history”, we only contribute to tensions, conflicts and communitarianism.

— You talked about the intention to repeal the law penalizing the obstruction of abortion. Whether you intend to restrict the availability of abortions?

— No need to attribute to me such intention. I’m not limiting the availability of abortions. And people of Common sense know very well.

© AFP 2016, Pascal GuyotДемонстрация La Manif pour Tous for traditional family values in Saint-Maurice

— Is there enough of a majority 51% for radical change of which you speak?

The question is, to get a significant majority in Parliament, which, I think, of all the candidates can achieve but me. That doesn’t negate the need for openness and attention to diversity. That is why I propose to open a government external to our system people: we look for talents and excellent point of view.

— You do not run the strategy of openness, as in 2007?

— No, because it was a biased openness, and it doesn’t work. It is not our institutions and our culture. This would be a wonderful gift for the National front. That is why the project of Emmanuel Macron unrealistic. It relies on not just poskalzyvaetsja in the history of France attractive idea that there’s no left nor right. And that can freely float between the two. In fact, all this leads to the rise of extremism.

— Is it necessary to Nicolas Sarkozy reaffirmed their support?

— Nicolas Sarkozy unconditionally supports me. He talked about it several times, including on Tuesday. For which I am very grateful to him.

— What is your prediction for Sunday?

— I pass to the second round.

— Who there?

— I have no idea.

— Do you have any preferences?

— No, there is no preference. Not my decision, and the French.