Beskydy tunnel through the Carpathian mountains will open this year – Omeljan

The Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan promised to open Beskydy tunnel this year. He said this at the Ukrainian infrastructure forum April 20.

“The Beskyd tunnel will be open this year”, – said the Minister.

Beskydy tunnel — a railway journey through the Carpathians, which is part of Lviv Railways. It stretches between stations Beskids and skotars’ke in a mountain ridge, its length is 1750 m. the Tunnel was built in 1886, but, over time, its capacity was not enough, and it was decided to build a new one. This project, “uz”, value 2,193 billion, was the biggest for years of independence. It financed the European investment Bank and the European Bank for reconstruction and development in the framework of loan agreement with “ME”.

According to experts of “Ukrzaliznytsia”, the construction of double-track Beskid tunnel at least twice will increase the capacity. Today the tunnel are only 42 trains daily, while its content gets 2 million annually.

The tunnel will contribute to the development of transit potential of Ukraine since it is part of the fifth pan-European transport corridor (Italy – Slovenia – Hungary – Slovakia – Ukraine – Russia).