Bunkers, weapons, shelter: the rich are preparing for the Apocalypse

If the collapse of the world order, will be damn hard to get contact lenses or even new glasses. Steve Huffman is well known. That is why in November last year, he specifically did a surgery on eyes to get rid of myopia. “Without glasses, said Chapman reporter of the American magazine The New Yorker — I in the ass.”

Steve Chapman 33 — year-old co-founder and CEO of the us Internet community Reddit. It is one of those, obviously more and more affluent businessmen and top managers employed in the financial industry and information services that are targeted and sparing no expense preparing for some sort of Apocalypse.

In his article in The New Yorker talks about it full of life and movement rich “survivalistov”. If you believe the article to the uneven distribution of Finance in the global scale, which now and then becomes the object of indignation, no longer complain about those who have fewer material goods. It’s more billionaires and millionaires around the world are increasingly worried that tension between them and poorer, but quantitatively much higher part of the population of the planet ever strained to the limit.

The result may be a popular uprising, revolution, once in Russia, or whatever. But what exactly clearly many rich people: who at the time of this powerful blow will be unprepared, will be left with nothing.

Recently, a non-profit organization Oxfam has taken care of information for conversation on the subject. According to a study published by Oxfam in time for the start of the world economic forum in Davos, a total of eight richest people in the world own a large number of assets than the entire poorest half of the world’s population. In Germany, according to the aforementioned study, is the same impressive imbalance in the distribution of property.

Are these allegations the result of a careful and faithful count of the data is unknown. The fact that they point to a significant imbalance in the world, no doubt. It is also clear that the description of the global imbalance in such studies causes strong envy and resentment.

About archery lessons and collected their suitcases

In General, the super-rich have every reason to worry about how long to keep unchanged the state of Affairs under the present social order. As stated by Yishan Wong, a former employee at Facebook and former President of the Reddit edition of the New Yorker, Silicon valley first of all the founders of IT-companies used to consider developments up to any possible outcome.

According to Wong, unpleasant up — for example, the collapse of the existing social system — probably not so possible. However it involves large-scale risks of loss and those who have the opportunity, take certain precautions. Wong, by the way, did laser vision correction, and for the same reason, Chapman.

Here are a few examples of what you are preparing for emergency situations: the CEO of Reddit Christophe Huffman, in his own words, there are a few motorcycles (as you know, in case of the Apocalypse in the first place on roads formed a huge tube), a whole set of weapons, ammunition and food. “It will help me some time to survive in their own home,” says Chapman.

Antonio garcía martínez, a 40-year-old ex-employee of Facebook, according to The New Yorker, has acquired two hectares of land on the island in the North Pacific ocean. According to Martinez, the one who thinks that the real danger will be able to resist the raging crowd, is profoundly mistaken. “In this case, you need to form a local militia”.

Here are some more people that are referred to in the article: investment pros who are always waiting fully fueled helicopter; Manager of a venture capital company, bought abroad several real estate listings as a rescue shelter (the house at the ready and always there’s suitcases for the whole family, including four-year-old daughter); former Chairman of Yahoo, who took lessons in archery, especially in order to be able to protect their stocks of water and food.

Rescue in New Zealand

According to the article, the New Yorker, all these people discuss in closed communities Facebook the various aspects of the struggle for survival: gas masks, bunkers, and even a place on the planet that doesn’t suffer the consequences of climate change. For especially fearful in Wichita, Kansas, the premises of a former fallout shelters been transformed into a luxurious and spacious residential apartments. Favorite place to rescue among like-minded people, apparently, is New Zealand, where one American who is building himself a country house there, during the construction have already offered nuclear equipment of the building, though he never asked.

The New Yorker quoted Reid Hoffman, co-founder of the network of professional contacts LinkedIn, claiming that more than half of the billionaires of the IT industry in Silicon valley purposefully prepare for life after the Apocalypse.

The struggle of the poor and the rich for specialists in survival, apparently, is just one of the possible scenarios of the end of the world: natural disasters, war, collapse of the food supply caused by, for example, hacker attacks — the alleged cause of the Apocalypse can be a long list. In technology, for example, someone already seems to be concerned about the development of artificial intelligence. Thousands of people who, as a result of these developments, they will lose their jobs in the future to go to the barricades against the very technological industry.