What can we learn from the new trailer for “Star wars”

He begins with a very radical things. “What do you see?” asks the voice of Luke Skywalker (Luke Skywalker) in the trailer for the new episode of “Star wars” “Jedi”. Young ray says: “Light. Darkness.” The eternal struggle of darkness with light. Between good and evil. It’s ancient history. But the seriousness of the narrative to a certain extent contrasts with the history of other major kinofranshizy the present day. Because now blockbuster is not without irony. Don’t take yourself too seriously — it has long been the preferred ideology of projects with huge budgets. Because it’s important. The irony is that some kind of key to the creation of a perfect product. After all, he who laughs at himself, achieves what he becomes invulnerable to criticism.

This is evident even in the few scenes from the trailers of big movies this season. “Thor: Ragnarok” (Thor: Ragnarok) and “Justice League” (Justice League) movies-new superhero, based on comic book publishers Marvel Comics and DC. They try to resist the surfeit of superheroes with jokes about superheroes. There is the question about what superpower he has, Batman answers: “I’m rich”. This order deprives the pathos of the story, which in itself is extremely pathetic, and often talks — in any rich destructive events version — on the death of the gods and the end of the world. In the trailers that the refraction is enhanced through the use of pop songs.

The magic of the franchise? It takes itself insanely seriously

In the trailer for the new film “transformers”, for example, the robot is circling in space to the song “Do You Realize??” music band Flaming Lips. Dangerous? Nope. Experienced in mythological cases, the rock group Led Zeppelin drew twice in a set of myths called “the Sword of king Arthur” (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword) and in the film “Thor: Ragnarok”. And if Batman floats in the battle of the song “Come Together” Beatles, none of this seems so utterly grim and serious — even if in the background the world on fire.

But fortunately, there are “Star wars”. Recently published a new trailer of episode No. 8 of “Star wars: the last Jedi” is opposed to the typical blockbuster self-ironic immunization and presents itself with a seriousness and dignity that one can only admire. No ironic fracture, winks — just a magnificent story. Trying to discover what will be its sequel, fans around the world are beginning to carefully analyze every frame, every sentence and every intonation.

They put forward the theory as “the Last Jedi”, the second part of the trilogy of “Star wars”, will reflect the action of the episode “the Empire strikes back”, the Central part of the old trilogy. Will Luke ray after training Jedi, like once Yoda? Will there be first big battle — but instead of the ice deserts of Hoth, in the dusty desert Crate? Which means the aesthetic proximity of the film posters to the poster of the first “Star wars”? And above all, that should mean incredibly serious, complex and certainly not ironic final words of Luke Skywalker? “I know only one truth. The time of the Jedi is over.”

Of course, it sounds extremely pretentious, and can be recognized smehotvorna but the magic of crazy and — of course — absolutely comercializando franchise is that it takes itself incredibly seriously. And her so do her fans and their passion.