Relations between Russia and China should be unwavering

The triangle China — Russia — USA is becoming more and more interesting. Since trump joined the race, he repeatedly stated commitment to significantly improve Russian-American relations, and showed his tough attitude toward China. All this gave rise to speculation about the upcoming changes inside the triangle. The strengthening of Russian-American relations and the obvious contradictions between China and America could lead to changes in and weakening of Russian-Chinese relations.

However, events began to unfold all of a sudden. After the successful visit of XI Jinping in the United States in Sino-American relations rapidly disappeared much of the uncertainty, there have been early signs. Again, there was a positive trend of development. At the same time, bombing US military air base Syria as if doused Russian-American relations in ice water, once again made obvious inter-state conflicts and has taken under his leadership the further development of relations between Russia and America. It seems that Russian-American relations back to the usual state of confrontation.

Does trump have stopped trying to regulate relations between the powers? Hardly.

You should pay attention to the fact that the US had only one bomb Syria. Trump said that if Syria will not make a new chemical attacks, America will not be stronger to involve itself in a military operation. Under Bush the younger if he made one stroke, the United States simply could not stop to attack the enemy, but this time it’s different. In addition, despite the fact that the administration trump requires Assad’s departure, neither trump nor his team do little in the matter of the implementation of this requirement in life.

The Kremlin criticized the U.S. decision to put the bombing on Syria. However, on 12 April, Moscow also met Secretary of state Tillerson, and during the visit had a long conversation. It is obvious that the Kremlin has not given up hope for improved relations with the administration of the trump.

In Sino-American relations have tended to mitigate, however, the administration of trump in comparison with the previous American government has shown a much stronger desire to be the leader in this relationship, but also imposes higher requirements to the “results” of improving relations between China and America. Washington clearly wants to take control of the whole triangle China — Russia — USA.

In such a situation it is especially important to maintain the strength and power of these trilateral relations. The reason that happened in the last years the dynamic development of Russian-Chinese relations is the pressure of the US and the West in these countries, however, the results of this development went beyond simple geopolitical model. Both Beijing and Moscow felt the importance of Chinese-Russian relations of comprehensive strategic interaction and partnership. The further development of relations has become a “strategic” habits of the two countries. These relationships have become for China and Russia is not dependent on the foreign policy of other countries as a strategic asset.


However, America has not gone far from Russian-Chinese relations. While the US diplomacy is changing in relation to China and Russia (or, at least, are projected and subject to change), ignite a hot debate on whether Russian-Chinese relations are influenced by. This shows that the American factor in the relations between China and Russia is an important force that cannot be ignored. In addition, many are of the opinion that the party which will manage to improve relations with the United States, will be more active in the Russian-Chinese relations.

China and Russia should not follow this logic. The parties should cherish the independence of their bilateral relations and in any case not afford to resist the changes that are pushing the American factor and the laws of “market conditions”. Strategic mutual trust between China and Russia requires a constant search for new points of reference and overcoming temporary obstacles.

Comparing Chinese-American and Russian-American relations, we can see that China and America are each other’s main trading partners, making their relationship stronger. However, the huge potential of China gives birth to Washington’s anxiety. Between Russia and America there is a sharp conflict, and China and America are very complicated game, so it’s hard to say which of these ligaments in the long term will be worse off.

Sino-Russian relations of comprehensive strategic interaction and partnership for both Beijing and Moscow are the main factor in the maintenance of the foreign policy initiative. When the international situation is undergoing profound changes, China and Russia should strengthen communication and understanding, and to ensure the continued strengthening strategic mutual trust. The better the relations between Russia and China, the more opportunity you have to earn respect from America.