Ukraine is digging its own grave, rewriting history

In recent months I have repeatedly said that the policy of “de-communization” that was launched formed after the Maidan by the authorities and taken to extremes in his self-destructive logic, will lead simply to collapse of the country.

It is to this we now fit. First, Ukraine has shot himself in both feet belligerent attitude to have arisen in the Crimea and the Donbass requirements, as well as the subsequent blockade of the regions. Now it apparently intends to hold a gun to his temple.

The so-called Council of Ministers have not invented anything better than to engage in a bill to repeal all acts and decisions of the authorities of the USSR and the Ukrainian SSR. You see where that can come from a disaster?

I’m well aware that now in Ukraine it is fashionable to rewrite history, but facts — stubborn thing. This act will face the most significant in historical terms realities. The fact that Ukraine as a state in the form in which it existed prior to independence, was the result solely of the acts and laws of the USSR and the Ukrainian SSR, as well as their heritage.

Consider, first, the territorial issue. If the law is passed, it will automatically negate all the acts of accession of the territories to the Ukrainian SSR.

As a result, Ukraine will not have any legitimate rights in these territories, in particular Crimea, Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic (this includes the current DNI and the LC, Kharkiv and Kherson region, Zaporozhye), the Odessa Republic (Odessa and Mykolaiv region), Transcarpathia, Galicia and other areas in the West of the country.

In General, the country would have remained only the yellow and orange zone the following maps:

After all, if you void all the acts of the Union, it will include the decision on the transfer of Lenin Ukraine, new Russia (elimination of the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog and Odessa republics with the accession of their territory to the Ukrainian SSR), the decision about the inclusion of Stalin in the Ukraine of Galicia and other lands in the West after the victory in 1945 and the decree of Khrushchev of Crimea to Ukraine in 1954.

Thus, a large part of the new Russia and the Crimea can lawfully exempted from territorial claims of the Ukrainian authorities due to their anti-Communist fever.

Another interesting point is that today Ukraine takes place in the UN only because it inherited from the Ukrainian SSR. That is, if she refuses the Soviet legacy, you lose more and a seat in the UN in addition to the land…

In the words of Elle de Saint-Marc (Hélie de Saint Marc), “a country without history cannot get rid of your troubles, but will lose their values.” It should be published in the BBC interview of Oleksandr Turchynov, who was acting President after the overthrow of Yanukovych: Ukraine has become a country without values and morals.

I’ll give him a few of the moments that say a lot about the state of morals in the country after Maidan.

Turchynov’s comments about the beginning of the war in the Donbass (the so-called “anti-terrorist operation”) provide sufficient grounds for his conviction in the International criminal court. He tried in vain to absolve themselves of responsibility, talking about the invasion of Russia and sent her soldiers (as he was called who took by storm the government buildings of civilians): the facts again speak for themselves.

Here’s what he said on this occasion, and then give them orders (I comment on the key points after each paragraph):

“In the Eastern regions came many boys and men with their buses drove some of the Cossack hundreds, and sport organizations who in fact were agents of the Russian power structures”.

At this stage of the psychosis you must immediately contact doctor because the perception of members of sports organizations as Putin’s agents — a serious symptom.

“They seized border crossings, and opened the uncontrolled passage for everyone. I gave the guards orders to shoot and defend the border, and they said we can’t shoot at civilians”.

If we reject these cowardly excuses, it turns out that the soldiers understood that these so-called Putin’s agents were ordinary people, and refused to obey inhuman orders.

“And here on 6 April, these “civilians” simultaneously attacked the building of the regional state administrations in Kharkiv and Donetsk, and captured the building of SBU in the Luhansk region”.

I personally spoke with one of the participants of these events, Catherine (she now works as a journalist News Front), and I can confirm that taking the building in Donetsk, people were not Russian military or FSB agents, and civilians of Donbass.

“And the Lugansk SBU actually gave them up without a fight your entire Arsenal is not only a staff weapon, but also weapons that were stored there in case special action: explosives, heavy automatic weapons, rocket-propelled grenades”.

Interesting point as it confirms the origin of the weapons in the hands of the rebellious citizens of Donbass, who used it for self defense. In other words, it completely negates the tale of which has come from Russia weapons.

“In Kharkiv, we were able to fight off administration. In Donetsk and Lugansk told me that this is not possible, because there are victims among the local population, there must be some negotiations. I insisted on the assault, but it didn’t happen”.

Here he again says that, despite information about possible civilian casualties as a result of execution of the order, he insisted on carrying out an armed assault in Donetsk and Lugansk (in other words, he stressed that he has committed a crime against humanity). If the soldiers refused to fulfill the order, we would see something similar to the events in Odessa on 2 may 2014. A bloodbath for civilians.

Doubt the army and the fact of direct participation of civilians in the uprising is confirmed a little later in the interview:

“When I started anti-terrorist operation, the main problem was to get the Ukrainian military to fight. The armed forces were afraid to shoot. (…) Under Kramatorsk was the situation when the crowd is civil with their bare hands seized several armored personnel carriers from the airborne brigade. It was a shock. People were not ready to fight. They had to step over a psychological barrier”.

In other words, it was necessary to make soldiers of the monsters that were ready to open fire on unarmed population. It says a lot about the values and moral qualities of the former acting President, which he intended to inculcate the army and the country. Thus, to overcome the psychological barrier, he said, had no choice but to use the notorious volunteer battalions (that is, the Nazis, who would without hesitation began shooting at civilians).

“In this situation I had no other way but to turn to the patriots with a call to form volunteer battalions. They had no restrictions: can — can not, took the machine gun and go to war. It was the patriots who saved the situation.”

In this part of the interview the employee of the air force is trying to save his reputation as a journalist (before it doesn’t sound anything like serious criticism of the words of Turchynov, and he only inserts in an interview notes that Russia has attacked one time or another) and asks the uncomfortable question of control over the proliferation of weapons volunteer battalions in connection with the recent sentencing of the soldiers of the battalion “Tornado” (an organization banned in Russia — approx.ed.). Further Turchynov go easy on the gold price:

“I remember one meeting in the front with the volunteer units, where one man, covered in tattoos, said, “the chief and the Amnesty will or not? There we have guys interested”. Ask, what for guys? “Well, there is… murder, robbery”.

Yes, it was. But it was unusual, individual cases.

I remember when I was opening weapons depots to hand out to his battalions, the officers refused to do it. I was asked: “Alexander V., and who will be responsible?” I said I will answer, and personally signed the orders for the extradition of weapons. (…)

Indeed, we no-one checked. Anyone — tried or convicted — who said that he was ready to defend the country, I signed up, got a gun and went to the East.”

Here, any abnormal sent to the front in the Donbass formed after the independence of illegitimate power… These Nazis and criminals could shamelessly take innocent lives. The actions of Turchinov called war crimes and crimes against humanity. And he took responsibility for them in this interview. I think it would be good to show it to him that day when he will be in the dock of the International criminal court for their participation in the war in the Donbass.

He did not begin to hide anything and about relationship to the end of the conflict and the prospects signed by the Ukrainian authorities of the Minsk agreements:

“We have no other alternative but to win. Last year was the first when we didn’t give up any meter of the earth, and Vice versa — acquired tens of kilometers. Therefore, I believe that our task is a meter by meter, mile after mile, while minimizing losses, to move to the East. The main thing — do not slip through the border (laughs)”.

Someone need an explanation to understand that the Ukrainian government would happily spit on the Minsk agreement and intend to militarily seize the Donbas, in violation of their signed agreement, which was enshrined by UN resolution?

This is not to mention the clear recognition of the fact that the Ukrainian army violated the agreement about a gray area, which was to remain demilitarized under the same agreements. Because military victories to advance here called victory over the goats, chickens and civilians, since the army DND and LNR left the area in compliance with the Minsk agreements.

Let me also remind you that the OSCE has not expressed any protest about the flagrant violation of the agreements, though, is the guarantor of the full demilitarization of the zone.

As for the pathetic attempts to joke about crossing the Russian border, he should pay attention to drawn to Ukraine a red line, the violation of which may lead to the Ukrainian army debaltseve Russian the second. Then she will run for the hills, to the West, to what is left of the country after the adoption of government-proposed a silly bill…