Núñez said that the hearings on Russia took place in his apartment and was attended only by he

Congressman Devin Nunes (Devin Nunes), who heads the house Committee on intelligence said Wednesday to reporters that he a few days in a row spent alone in his apartment hearing on the question of the relationship of President Donald trump with Russia. According to him, these hearings “have been wonderful”.


“After several days of hearings, which I spent alone in my apartment, I’m one hundred percent sure of the absence of the President relations with the Russian, — said Nunez. — We should leave this topic behind and move on.”


Núñez was not told who gave evidence at these hearings, but called their testimony “productive and trustworthy”.


“At first I didn’t know what to expect from the hearings, but, honestly, everything went very, very well,” said nuñez press.

The news about the hearings in the apartment nuñez revolted the Vice-Chairman of the intelligence Committee Democrats Adam Schiff (Adam Schiff). “He didn’t invite any of the members of the Committee, said Schiff. — Devin really thinks he’ll get away with it?”


However, Nunez was able to object to this reproach. “If Adam has ever seen my apartment, he would know that the whole Committee there simply will not fit”, — he said.


After his speech to reporters núñez went to the White house, where trump was awarded his Presidential medal of freedom.