The remedy against fraud, smuggling and fire – cashier’s check

Ukraine is massively illegal goods – the so-called grey imports, which is outside of customs clearance, without
customs control has already been legalized here on the trading floors.

On may 8, 2017 all the sellers who sell complex equipment warranty, must give the customer a fiscal receipt.

The journalists asked the buyer to Yuri, who collected 56 thousand hryvnia in order to buy a new computer. Decided to save money and found on the Internet offer on the budget, for a global brand, and price.

The company sent Yuri a computer with a warranty card for 1 year after conversion of money, but after six months, the technique failed.

Contacting the seller the problem is not solved – the company refused to repair. Yuri wanted to contact the service center of the producer country, to America, but this proved impossible, since the seller did not provide the man the check and the jury was not required, because at that time did not understand its importance.

Refused to issue a receipt and when you call, when he learned that Yuri want to repair by an authorized service center. Have questions legality of this technique were in Ukraine, why the seller doesn’t want to take responsibility for the product and prevents the repair from the manufacturer?

— In Ukraine is massively illegal goods
is the so – called grey imports, which is outside of customs clearance, without customs control, is already here legalized under the name of physical persons-entrepreneurs. Such goods are sold including forged documents, and, accordingly, a person issued a “fake” warranty card, do not give a receipt, and if given, then it is impossible to establish who the seller is, and to present his claim,
says the Director of the International Academy of standardization Oleg Tsilevich.

The inability to identify the seller without the payment document confirmed by the Lily, Stirenko, the acting Deputy Chairman of the State service on safety of foodstuffs and consumer protection of Ukraine. “Last year, for complex household appliances, we received over 5000 complaints. And most importantly, were able to meet just over 54% of cases, the rest could not help because did not identify the seller without a proper check, says Lily, Stirenko.

– The online stores have statistics worse-last year we had 500 cases to defend the rights are less than 1%. And all because of the lack of proper receipt. Without this document, officials are unable to identify sellers, which buyers complained”.

Experts note that consumers do not understand the importance of checks and do not require them, they don’t even know what there should be. The sellers take advantage of this ignorance and give, as a rule, receipts that do not have the necessary requisites, namely, rooms
check, SPD address, telephone number, LDS information about the product.

The situation may change for the better in December 2016 was adopted the Law of Ukraine on the cash register equipment for warranty, and in March 2017, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine published the list of goods that fall under the concept of “complex technique to guarantee”, which since may 8 of this year, will need to sell using cash registers.

“This decision of the Cabinet requires all sellers of implementing a “complex technique” to issue fiscal receipts regardless of the market or in the online store you make the purchase, says Lily, Stirenko.

And it should improve the situation: in the fiscal receipt contained all the mandatory details, have all the information, what item was sold and who sold it. And embodiments of grey will be less goods”.

Experts say that, when the technique officially goes into Ukraine, it must meet the requirements of technical regulations.
“If we don’t understand how I came to Ukraine technique, how it meets the certification requirements, adapted to the Ukrainian realities-there can be a problem,” – experts say.

Warn against such purchases and firefighters.

– Acquisition of substandard uncertified equipment may be one of the causes of fire and lead not only to significant financial losses, but also to death, – said the Deputy head of fire safety Department of emergency response DSNs Ukraine Eugene Lynch. According to him, this year there was 17 000 fires, 16 children under the age of 16 were killed. 70% of fires occur in the home of man, and one of the main reasons is or malfunction, or improper operation of appliances.

Experts agree that today the acquisition of poor quality of certified goods may cost not only nerves, but also health.

Therefore, a fiscal receipt for equipment with warranty card
– the chance of a buyer for the full protection of their rights and life.