A military expert told why Putin is still not “removed” Girkin

The Kremlin is in no hurry to get rid of the former leader of the militants of the so-called “DNR” Igor Girkin (strelkov) and send it to Motorola and Givi, as it may be more useful in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. This opinion was expressed in the comment “observer” military expert, chief editor of “Information resistance” Yuri, Karin.

According to him, the Kremlin has more plans for the shooting, so let him live.

“Strelkov was given the opportunity to speak freely and to live long. He got a taste, he began to oppose himself to the head of this abnormal state. While Donbass electorate, too, in his own loves, because at the Rifle did not have these remnants of the “gebni”: weaning, expression, executions, etc. When they are Small like the old Communists, lived for the idea. Therefore, it is possible that he is still not fully played its role, and another will emerge, and these opponents in the Kremlin will play,” said Karin.

We will remind, recently Girkin erupted with insults Putin. He called the Russian President “a lying two-legged beast” and believes the Russian leader is afraid of him.