The President of Taiwan threatened China with one call Trump media

The President of Taiwan, Cai Inwang said that he may once again call the President of the United States Donald Trump. However, she urged the Central government of China to fulfill its role in maintaining peace. About it reports Reuters, adding that Cai Inven gave his first interview after a telephone conversation with trump in December, according to

“We have the opportunity to directly talk with the US authorities”, – said the leader of Taiwan.

“We do not exclude the possibility of a phone call personally to Trump, but everything will depend on the situation and its demands, and the attitude of the US government to businesses in the region,” she added. Cai Inven also “not ruled out” that Taiwan will buy U.S. F-35 “strategic reasons”.

Recall that China was outraged by trump’s conversation with the leader of Taiwan. The Minister of foreign Affairs Wang Yi called the conversation “child of Taiwan”.