Welcome to the new Turkey!

April 17 — the opportunity to start with a clean slate for Turkey and the world. The results of the referendum to spread the good news about the birth of Turkey as a new global power.

Global power Turkey

How can I determine global power? Global power is a nation that can have its own independent defined by the West, capitalist world system and line have the ability to carry it out. Our President, in his speech “one minute” at the forum in Davos 29 January 2009 gave a start to the procession of Turkey this way. Since then the imperialist powers, not stopping for a minute, doing everything possible to overthrow the democratic regime of Turkey and its leader.

Conspiracies against Turkey, which for seven years became more sophisticated, reached its climax with the coup attempt on 15 July 2016. But the globalist forces who do not stop before any methods of the Turkish people inflicted a complete defeat.

Attacked, but not broken

If you group the imperialist attack on our country in accordance with the methods used, we get the following list.

Attempts to overthrow the legitimate government through a coup of the Brazilian type through external forces, leaked into the judicial system, took place in the course of the conspiracies around MIT (National intelligence organization of Turkey) in February 2012 (the Prosecutor’s office summoned for questioning five employees of MIT, including its head Hakan Fidan (Hakan Fidan), after that the records of negotiations of the Ministry with the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK) — approx. TRANS.) and 17-25 December, 2013 (the corruption scandal “Big bribe”, which was involved four Ministers and the son of Recep Tayyip Erdogan — approx. TRANS.).

The tactics of the “orange revolution” on the example of Ukraine and Egypt, were used during the events around Gezi and subsequent attempts to create riots.

Attempts to foment ethnic conflict and divide the country for example Syria were shown during the beginning of the Kurdish digging trenches with the cooperation of the PKK and the peoples ‘ Democratic party, and in the course of the uprising and massacre in Kobani.

Method cast our country into a fire-type Iran-Iraq war by drawing Turkey into the conflict with its neighbors has been implemented as a result of destruction of the Russian plane 24, 2015 organized by the German espionage network.

There have been several attempts to destroy our democracy for an East Asian scenario by the economic crisis: there were several financial attack by the IMF, world Bank, rating agencies, global financial institutions and a lobby inside of them, the Central Bank, other banks and their people in the Turkish media.

Countless times repeated attempts to destroy our infrastructure, electric network, the state apparatus through a pirate attack on the type Redhack-CIA.

One after another attempted assassination, poisoning, explosion, destruction, again in the style of the CIA-Spec Ops.

Ultimately on 15 July 2016 globalist forces using members FETÖ (terrorist organization of Fethullah gülen), which over the years, they brought in the army and state agencies, and other intelligence forces and their political accomplices, attempted coup and occupation in Latin American style. The fact that our country has remained to stand on his feet, despite all these attacks, is proof of the fact that we are a global power and no one can bring us down. The events of the last eight years can partly be seen as stress tests, which tested the strength of our banking system. Despite an extremely disadvantageous geographical position of Turkey close to the conflict zones, despite the fact that the conspiracies of the imperialists succeeded in the North of our country (in Ukraine) and to the South of us (in Syria), in Turkey they were defeated. The reason for this is the solidarity of people around the state and their leader.

They will have to admit defeat

16 APR is of vital importance from the point of view of ensuring the recognition of the global role of Turkey in the eyes of Germany, led by Merkel, which pursues a hostile policy toward our country, and other forces, is still opposed to the development of Turkey’s global power. Europe, Germany and other countries, one way or another, should recognize the influence, the word Turkey and to agree to their defeat.

Beginning on April 17, Turkey will be even stronger than before, to be present on the fronts of Syria, Iraq and the entire Middle East as well as Africa, the Balkans and Central Asia. In Asia, Turkey will create even closer ties with these rising giant powers-China and India. It will be even harder to protect the interests of the oppressed countries and peoples in accordance with the principle of “peace for more than five”.

Democratic Turkey

Turkey after April 17 — more democratic, more free Turkey. A system organized in Turkey in the direction of the interests of the centers of the forces under the control of external players, now collapsed. Our people have realized that this essential democratic principle of separation of powers, it is best to apply when the presidential system. And Parliament to adopt laws and to control their execution, and the President, the chief Executive will be elected by the people.

After 17 April, “partocracy” (the government parties), which for 70 years imposed on our citizens, will yield to the popular will. Structures that are in a particular area captured national sovereignty and established within the state a small feudal, baronial regimes disintegrate.

The period after April 17 is also the end of the lobby used by foreign forces for control of Turkey. They will be stripped all the agents of influence that has seeped into different political parties at different levels in the economy, universities and media. So, will be able to put an end to the polarization, which they provoke.

One state, one people

The period after 17 April — the beginning of a new stage in the fight against such terrorist organizations as FETÖ, PKK, ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) and all cooperating legal and illegal elements. To date, to protect the slogan of President Erdogan’s “one nation, one state, one country, one flag” stood the leaders of the Party of justice and development who adhere to his line, the nationalist movement Party and our people. This slogan, which was supported by millions, will now become the official ideology and the basic principle of the Turkish state. Welcome to the new Turkey!