Trump pledged: the secret deals with Russia on Ukraine will not be

The US special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker said that the us leadership does not intend to negotiate with Russia on the Ukrainian question behind of Kiev. He stated this in an interview with DW.

“This absolutely will not happen. There is no such thing, and there will be no separate deals over the heads of the Ukrainians or behind the Europeans,” said Walker.


  • Moscow is worried: the two key us officials at the same time was in Kiev

He also noted that the U.S. does not intend to join the “channel format”.

“The US made clear that we fully support the peace process in the “channel format “. We do not intend to be a part of it or lead it”, – assured the American diplomat.

He pointed to the importance of Ukraine in the foreign policy of Washington. According to him, the United States would consider policy in relation to Ukraine successful if it is restored its territorial integrity.


  • Russia responded to the words of Volker about the isolation of Russia from Donbass

“It’s important. There are many other things in the bilateral relations between the US and Russia, which are important. (…) There are such international issues as Syria and North Korea. They’re all important, but Ukraine is the main,” added Walker.

On the days Kurt Volker pointed out that Ukraine cannot defend its territorial integrity because of the presence of Russian troops in Donbass, and the talks in Minsk did not resolve the issue. He stressed that fulfilling the Minsk agreements, Russia must withdraw from the Donbass troops.