Trump and Putin: difficult game

Recent events give a chance for the formation of a new world order and return the US to its leading role on the planet. Meanwhile, much depends on relations between Washington and Moscow.

In the last week and a half have been a number of events, allowing to say that trump really is the President of the United States. Two months after taking office, the new occupant of the White house to stop acting like he is continuing the campaign. Trump finally began to govern. Not everything is smooth yet, but the first noticeable signs of a serious work of the new administration. The active formation of a coherent international agenda. It is the return of America as the most influential player on the world scene. And these steps does not lead the world to global war, trying to claim some opponents of trump.

Trump starts to get rid of their odious purposes. He dismissed Michael Flynn, distanced itself from Steve’bannon. The three leaders, Secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, assistant for national security Herbert McMaster and defense Secretary James Mattis — serious Republicans with the hard approach assumed the formation of foreign policy in the administration of the trump. Campaign slogan “America first” thrown aside. Instead, the new administration a lot, and quite rightly deals with international matters.

The decision to attack in Syria was thoughtful and successful. Just one successful move allowed Trump to return to the US, their international status and to obtain wide support in American society and abroad. In Israel we are convinced that Russia has allowed Assad to use chemical weapons. In the White house say the same thing, although Mattis and the Pentagon are expressed not so clearly. One thing is clear: the American attack was a demonstration of the vulnerability of al-Assad, to feel unpunished. From now on, it is unlikely that he and his Russian backers will dare to learn from caches of nerve gas.

Moscow and Washington exchanged sharp statements that created the impression of a severe crisis in relations between the two countries. However, apparently, trump international politics is carried out in two planes — declarative and practical. A loud Declaration on social networks and suspended the talks in Moscow, Secretary of state Tillerson. Tillerson, an experienced businessman, had a two hour meeting with Putin. For trump’s attack in Syria was also an opportunity to deflect suspicion that he is being blackmailed by the Russians. Some have even quick to develop conspiracy theories like it is with this aim trump attacked Assad’s forces, but the Kremlin has portrayed the anger. Supposedly this is why Russia did not intercept American Tomahawk. But the truth is that Russian forces stationed in Syria, is not able to reflect the rocket attacks from the sea. However suspicions about the connection of trump with Russia still not dispelled until the end. The FBI investigation continues.

Putin is afraid that the American President will do to him what he did to the United States: publishes information about the true scale of capital, which is owned by the President of Russia. Putin wants a trump remained in its place, it ensures his safety, says Alon Ben-David. It will allow Trump to score points in his international steps to ensure its survival. Against this background, the role of the “Troika” (Secretary of state, Minister of defense and the Deputy national security). These people are required to provide his country with an independent policy in relations with Moscow.