The Prosecutor General’s office found the canadian mark in the case of “the book of Yanukovych”

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine asks Canada to help in the investigation of fraud related to the publication of a book of former President Viktor Yanukovych “Ukraine is the land of opportunity”. This is evidenced by the court ruling of 6 April, published in the Unified registry of court decisions.

It is noted that during the preliminary investigation of the GPU found that on July 18, 2011 in Donetsk, between the printing house “New world” in the person of the Director General and Yanukovych had signed a contract whereby the head of state is obliged to create a literary work that “Ukraine is the land of opportunity” (Opportunity Ukraine), and pass the property rights to publishing this work. The publisher has committed itself to pay Yanukovych royalties in the amount of 32 million UAH and to publish a book with a circulation of 1 million copies. However, typography is due to the circulation of copies of the book were not published and therefore not implemented. At the same time for 2011-2012 to the Bank accounts of fugitive President printing listed 26 560 192 hryvnia under the guise of remuneration.

“In criminal proceedings, among other things, the persons who are the actual authors of the texts of the sections of this book, the circumstances and the period of their writing. Obtained during the preliminary investigation the actual data collectively indicate that the contents (the text of the sections) of this book, for which (Yanukovych – ed.) received remuneration in excess of 26 million hryvnia created (written) by others, any agreement which was not concluded, no remuneration was paid,” reads the decision.

Thus, it was found that most of the texts of the sections of the book was created (written) in the period March-may 2011. As of the writing of these texts are parts of the book are the parts were sent to a certain email Inbox. Also, do not established face on to the specified mailbox was headed explanations of plagiarism in the book. HCP believes that these data indicate that the subscriber’s mailbox knows exactly who is the real author of the book of Yanukovych.

It is established that registration services and email access during the specified period was provided by the canadian company SHAW Communications Inc., (web site: legal address: Suite 900, 630-3rd Avenue S.W. Calgary, AB Т2Р 4L4, Canada).

In this regard, the court permitted the Prosecutor General to address the canadian request for international legal assistance, and provide temporary access to information regarding the e-mail address owned by the company SHAW Communications Inc. Note that the investigators are asked to provide information about the date and time of registration of the mailbox; the data provided by the user when registering a mailbox; an IP address, which was carried out registration of the mailbox as well as your IP address, which was in the drawer in the period from 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2012 with indication of the date, time and duration of connections.

We will remind, in the summer of 2015, the GPU began to investigate obtaining Yanukovych 26 million hryvnias of a bribe under the guise of royalties for the book.