Mother of the political prisoner Klich: Son passed FSB pregnant girl from Russia

Ukrainian political prisoner stanisław Kleha, who was tried in Chechnya, in August 2014, handed his pregnant girlfriend Viktoria from Russia. About it in interview to Gordon’s mother told Ukrainian Tamara Klyh. According to her, Victoria and son met in the Crimea in 2013, before the Maidan.

“August 7, 2014 son went to eagle for my girlfriend. I tried to dissuade him, as he felt that trouble is feared. And he said, “Mom, I’m not in Moscow or St. Petersburg food. I need to be in the eagle?” He often traveled to Russia, I have a sister in Moscow, his godmother. Later, at trial, the Stas were talking that this girl is his and surrendered to the FSB. The girl name is Victoria, she insisted that the son in an eagle came to it. They in 2013, even before the revolution, in the Crimea met,” – said Tamara.

According to the woman, the son went to the girl, because she told him she’s pregnant. “Victoria said she was pregnant. Stas before leaving said, “Mom, I will go to her, to dot the “I” and return.” August 7-9, constantly called me, “Mom, don’t worry, got, Vika I met, all right.” And suddenly disappeared. The morning of August 10 in the tube came a unknown voice: “Tamara, I came out of jail, but your Stas there.” I’m in shock, call the son call his girlfriend – no the tube is not raised. A few days later the son called himself: “Mom, I’m in jail in Essentuki. Why arrested – I do not know, delve into the past, looking for something in the 1990s”, she added.

She noted that when he seen his son for the last time in 2016, he remembered that in the hotel room came to him FSB with questions about whether he is “Right”.

“Dragged into the car, was given 15 days. I think this why Victoria handed over my son to the FSB. Well, who else? If she is innocent, would answer my calls: “Tamara, don’t call again, Stas was detained, I’m afraid.” But she has never in three years have not contacted,” said the woman.

Recall, October 26, 2016, the Supreme court rejected the appeal of lawyers of the Ukrainians Mykola Karpiuk and Stanislav Klikh the sentence imposed by the court of Chechnya. The lawyers of the Ukrainians petitioned for the abolition of the terrible verdict which sentenced Klich to 20 years of imprisonment, and Karpyuk – to 22 and a half years.

The indictment stated that the Karpuk led the squad “Viking”, who fought against the Russian army in Chechnya. Supposedly his subordinate Klich 22 years ago he personally killed four Russian soldiers and former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the former squad, shooting at the Russians from a Kalashnikov, about 10 times.

Both Ukrainian all accusations categorically deny. According to them, they have never been in Chechnya and did not participate in the fighting.

Lawyers Klich has repeatedly said that his mental state is unstable due to the torture which was applied to him during interrogation.

30 Dec lawyer Klich At Dokka said that as a convicted Ukrainian deteriorating. In early March of this year, the Russian lawyer Ilya Novikov reported that Stanislav Klikh was transferred to a prison in Verkhneuralsk, Chelyabinsk region.