How the West helped the appearance of the project ISIS?

On 10 June 2014 announced the establishment of the “Islamic state in Iraq and Syria” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) called “Caliphate”, and then immediately a flood of questions about the real state of Affairs in this country and the secrets that it hides. One of the questions was how ISIS managed to subdue most of the territory of Iraq (which appeared in 2006) and Syria for several years, despite the fact that at this time, there was no explicit fighting. Later it became known that the emergence of this education was facilitated by the agreement between Bashar al-Assad and Nouri al-Maliki. However, the prosecution Iraqi courts impose only Nuri al-Maliki, blaming him for the destruction of extensive areas in the region suffered at the hands of the “Islamic state”. The data of the trial was suspended under pressure from Iran, which confirmed the fact that Iran is an implicit partner in ensuring control of these territories. At the time, Iran was limited to only a warning to the gaining momentum of ISIS does not come close to the Iranian border is less than forty kilometers. LIH observes that “arrangement” so far.


“Islamic state” has never led to hostilities with Iran, while his relationship with Assad’s forces are governed by large-scale agreement. They exchanged with each other control over some cities, villages and other points, spending fake battles or arranging a retreat for the agreement, while the Iraqi government headed by al-Abadi led disputes and expressed its dissatisfaction with the activities of Nouri al-Maliki. A solution to the issue was threatened with an inevitable collision with the “Islamic state” in the case of failure to pass a major city or in attempts to control geographically large area. It is due to the fact that the “Islamic state” threatens the government in Baghdad. The choice to fight with ISIS or not was associated with fears about the future that awaits the “Islamic state” in Mosul. The government of al-Abadi could not permanently stifle ISIS in control of the territory of Mosul, a large city on the North and West of Iraq and to fight with him.

If you look at the military capacity of the government of al-Abadi, his army and militia forces, despite the financial capabilities as well as military and political support from Iran and the world in General, their military capabilities were weaker than the “Islamic state”. Battle ISIS alone, which joined the government of al-Abadi, was not successful and has not moved even a step. The only option was to obey military orders and plans, prepared and implemented by the Pentagon to Iraq. The government of al-Abadi was supposed to lead all the battles with the organization “Islamic state” in accordance with the military-political decisions of the United States. In Syria a similar situation, but with only one difference: America allowed Russia to intervene in Syria, holding it by the intervention in Iraq, even if Russia’s aim was the fight against “Islamic state”. So in Syria, Russia was limited to the intention to interfere with the Syrian revolution to achieve its goals, namely to overthrow the political regime. Preparations to implement American plans went to the conference in Geneva, the aim of which was to provide a political solution for the future of Syria, in accordance with a vision that is accepted by the US and Israel, as well as to safeguard the interests of Russia and its allies — the current government of Bashar Assad and the military forces of Iran.

The international war in Iraq and Syria indicate that the United States together with the governments of Iraq and Syria gave rise to the emergence of the “Islamic state” in political, military and international arenas and is currently under the control of ISIS is a vast area of the Arab countries. This was a new US President Donald trump, accusing the Obama administration in the creation of ISIS. The purpose of America was the justification of the emergence of the Western international coalition for military intervention in the Arab country. Thus, September 5, 2014 in Paris Alliance was founded, the main stated aim of which is to eliminate ISIS. However, the results of this Alliance were the death of civilians and the rebuilding of the political structure of the two Arab States. These countries have long had the ability to create a strong state due to the large geographic area and to strengthen the national consciousness of his people, which would incorporate Islamic identity in any historical moment in the future. The West has accelerated the emergence of the “Islamic state” in the region to further easily destroy these two countries and to prevent the project of liberation and the potential revival of this region, it is important for the Arab nation.

Not necessary to be a leader of ISIS or stand in the ranks of his soldiers to know about the Western project. The struggle against the US occupation and Iran went from 20 April 2003, but geographical opportunity came just before the year 2014. Then lucky easily and without a war to seize the territory in 2014. ISIS received large financial resources. In their hands were the millions who got them in the capture of banks that facilitated the involvement of volunteers from around the world. These and other facts raise the suspicion that the Pentagon was controlling the General path of the “Islamic state”. Such activity is, of course, turn evil for Islam and Muslims, provoking the rise of Islamophobia in the West, and the world media will broadcast this information deception. And that Iraq and Syria have been destroyed, and the “Islamic state” are unable to protect themselves and the population subject to him. Thus, the ISIS project has achieved its objectives when the American, French, British or Russian military aircraft turned out to be free in their bombing of Iraq and Syria. None of the Arab countries has the right to stop the bombing, whether countries, political parties, cultural associations or individuals, because in the end, they will be charged with supporting ISIS. Thus America and Israel secured the right to drop bombs on Arabs to destroy the city and to deprive the Arab nation of the future without the right to Express their disagreement with the vision that future. The choice is small: to suffer from accusations of supporting terrorism or from the actions of the terrorists themselves.

The results of the First world war as a legitimate Foundation provided major countries through the League of Nations able to divide Muslim countries and weaken them for a century. Continued their occupation of the mandated position and colonization sanctioned by the League of Nations and then the United Nations. Fighting terrorism became the justification for warfare in the Arab States and their separation. Then the choice of States was made in favor of the Israeli Zionist entity. Then came the occupation of Iraq by America and Iran, followed by the occupation of Syria by Iran and Russia. Iranian militias helped Russian and American occupation, fighting the interests of big countries and for the implementation of its projects, Iran became a partner in the division and the weakening of Arab States. Currently, everyone talks at international conferences confirmed by the results of subsequent political separation.

As the peoples of the region will be able to get rid of the project on the division? As Arab and Muslim countries will prevent the spread of infection the fight against terrorism in their country? Getting this infection in Arab countries will be a justification for their occupation of Western colonial powers. What is happening now is not war on terror, but war for the sake of dividing the Arab and Islamic countries under the pretext of combating terrorism. Behind closed doors, now go dirty trades similar to secret agreement between Sykes and Picot agreement in 1916 with the purpose of separation of influence between Russia, the United States and Israel in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and other countries. But there is a big difference between these eras. Arab and Islamic Nations is stronger today than a hundred years ago, and from the point of view of political consciousness, and from the point of view of physical possibilities. That’s only if we can prevent the international plans to combat terrorism and terrorists?