How to motivate child to go to school

After the usual kindergarten where the child has a group of friends, the future first-grader is afraid of everything new and unfamiliar. The flames often add relatives constantly remind the kid about that soon everything in his life will change.

Often adults really can not explain that expecting a child in school, as a result, the child is afraid and does not want to go to school. Psychologists told how to help the future first-grader to cope with anxiety.

Psychologists advise to describe in detail the child, how will his first day at school. Many adults ascribe to your own fears and believe that the future first-graders care what he reads slower than everyone in the class.

In fact, experts say, concerns of a preschooler often lie elsewhere – for example, issues of the daily routine or least favorite food in the dining room shkolnoy. The more parents answer all the questions, the calmer the future first-grader would perceive the changes.

It is also worth to discuss with your child the different options of meeting with classmates.

In addition, psychologists recommend to list the benefits as a student: for example, first graders do not need to sleep during the day, during the first weeks it will be taken out of school before kindergarten, and the school yard is a Playground.

Bad memories

If in the past academic year the child had conflicts in the classroom or learning difficulties, it is not surprising that he does not want again to experience the school atmosphere. Psychologists give several recommendations about how to solve this problem.

So, it is possible to help the child build relationships with classmates – for example, to take kids out of class to celebrate the last day of summer together. Experts note that the relationship of classmates often begin with a clean slate in the new academic year – on the offense over the summer are forgotten.

If training is given to the child is not easy, you should start to quietly unravel the tangle of disparate and fragmentary knowledge. If the student is not given physics, in the remaining days of the vacation is to watch movies with experiments, themed Museum. Psychologists say that you should promise the child not to scold him and continue to help him.

In addition, you must give the child understand that his poor grades will affect the attitude of parents to it. According to psychologists, the most underachieving students an aversion to learning is not so much because of the difficulty of the subject, but because of the fact that their failures in school set the stage for conflict.

If the child will notice the positive changes in the attitude of parents to the problem, his motivation for learning will increase.