Without warrant: how can change the ranks of the Ukrainian army

The government has submitted to Parliament a bill under which the Armed forces plans to make changes in military rank, according to LB.ua.

Note that at the moment the list of soldiers and NCO’s military rank in the APU as follows: soldiers, senior soldiers, Junior Sergeant, Sergeant, senior Sergeant, Sergeant, warrant officer, senior warrant officer.

If the government bill, will be supported by the Verkhovna Rada, the ranks in the army will change in this way: soldiers, senior soldiers, a Sergeant, senior Sergeant, Sergeant major, staff Sergeant, master Sergeant, senior master Sergeant, chief master Sergeant.

It is proposed to amend and naval ranks: ensign to replace a staff Sergeant, senior warrant officer – master chief and introduce new ranks, senior master Sergeant and chief master Sergeant.

As for the officer ranks, there would remain unchanged.Earlier, President Petro Poroshenko said that instead of second Lieutenant will appear the title of the cornet, and is the major General – the rank of Brigadier General.

We will remind as it was reported recently, the Ministry of defence of Ukraine initiated the introduction of new military ranks of sergeants and petty officers of the Armed forces.