Ukraine entered the TOP 10 countries with the lowest level of security

Ukraine is among the ten countries with the lowest level of security, according to experts of the world economic forum, occupying 127th place out of 136, along with countries such as Honduras, Kenya, Egypt, Venezuela, Nigeria, Pakistan, El Salvador, Yemen and Colombia. About it reports “Gromadske” with reference to the WEF report “Competition in travel and tourism-2017”.

It is noted that Ukraine is ahead of Philippines, Lebanon, Mali and Bangladesh.
At the same time, the first designated security level in the ranking are Finland, United Arab Emirates, Iceland and Oman.

According to the overall tourism competitiveness index Ukraine occupies 88th place, ahead of Macedonia, Honduras and Tanzania. In the top three – Spain, France and Germany.

However, in terms of health and hygiene Ukraine is among the top ten countries, occupying the 8th place. In the first place – Germany, Lithuania and Austria.

In terms of prices, Ukraine occupies 45-e a place, followed by Taiwan, Morocco and Panama, but ahead of Macedonia, South Africa and Latvia. The cheapest countries were Iran, Egypt and Malaysia.

According to the rating of cultural wealth, Ukraine is on the 51st place – in front of Bulgaria, Algeria and Finland. In the first places – China, Spain and France.

In terms of development of tourist service Ukraine is on the 71st place, ahead of Macedonia, Namibia and Armenia. First Austria, Spain and the United States.

The level of international openness, Ukraine takes the 78th place in front of Mauritania, Bhutan and Rwanda. Ahead of Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Tunisia and the UAE. In the first places – Singapore, Australia and Chile.

With the focus on tourism in Ukraine – 90 place, to Lithuania, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan. It takes Malta, Singapore, and Iceland.

On indicators of ecological stability Ukraine occupies 90th place, ahead of Laos, Kazakhstan and Bahrain. Stable in terms of the environment in the rating are Switzerland, Austria and Norway.

Recall that in 2014 in Ukraine continued armed conflict supported by Russia.