Stepanov told what to do in case of refusal to free the test for coronavirus

The Minister told who the PCR test made at the expense of the state

People who have symptoms coronaviruses of the disease, PCR testing is done for free. About this at the daily briefing about the situation with the coronavirus in the country said health Minister Maxim Stepanov.

“If you have the symptoms of coronavirus disease, you turn to the family doctor, or you have a bad condition – in this case, emergency medical treatment, and you with these clinical symptoms should be free to come and do the test. Or confirm the diagnosis COVID-19, or to refute it and to determine further treatment,” said the Minister.

In case of refusal of doctors in free testing Stepanov advised to contact the hotline of the Ministry.

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“I sometimes receive appeals when there is a misunderstanding or unwillingness to do free PCR testing. Person somewhere to send, say to do the test at their own expense, it’s unacceptable. I ask you to turn in this case or the hotline departments of health or of the city or the hotline of the Ministry of health. In each case we will understand,” he said.