Russian language losing popularity in CIS

For 22 years the Russian language has lost many positions in the post-Soviet countries than any other language. This is stated in the material Financial Times.

This is most noticeable in Kazakhstan, where 20% of the people communicated at home in Russian in 2016, whereas 15 years ago the figure was 33%.

The graph of popularity of the Russian language countries

The decrease in the number of people who mostly speak in Russian, observed in the Ukraine and the Baltic States.

In 1994, the Russian-speaking Ukrainians was 33%, and last year — already 24%.

Experts explain such trends of political reasons.

The positive trend of Russification of the population among the former Soviet peoples is observed only in Belarus.

Since 1994, the number of Russian-speaking Belarusians increased by 20%.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Kazakhstan Nazarbayev instructed to transfer the Kazakh alphabet to Latin.