Changeable diplomacy trump

A few days ago, the Americans and the world had reason to believe that the administration’s policies trump against Russia will include cooperation and harmony. Many believed that the new administration will try to get rid of acrimony and dysfunction, which was characteristic of relations between the Kremlin and the Obama administration. During his campaign, Mr. trump fawned self-confident and proud Russian leader Vladimir Putin, he praised him for his “excellent work” and called him a “stronger leader” than Obama. As to policy, Mr. trump seemed to be almost an apologist for the aggressive behavior of Mr. Putin in Syria, its annexation of Crimea and its overt attempts to undermine NATO. Data of the American intelligence community about Russia’s intervention in the elections on the side of Mr. trump seemed to be evidence of friendly relations, if not of something even more sinister.


After three months of finding Mr. trump as President, Russian-American relations remain strained; they have become the victim of a violent behavior of Mr. Putin, and also change the views by Mr. trump and his impulsive approach to politics, in what was to Russian, which earlier was every reason to believe that they will have a friend in the White house.

Since both of these rights can, ultimately, be the loser, there is a very high probability that Mr. trump is a neophyte in foreign policy, failed his presidential debut — will face difficulties trying to cope with a far from moral methods of Mr. Putin, a former KGB agent. The approach by Mr. Putin to international obligations, which includes increasing attempts to interfere in the internal Affairs of countries from Europe to Libya and further, is generally consistent, while Mr. trump is very far from it. It also shook the confidence of allies who are dependent on wise and sustainable leadership of America.

Trip of Secretary Rex Tillerson in Moscow on Wednesday was further evidence, to what low level dropped Russian-American relations after Mr. trump, abandoning the former’s unwillingness to intervene in the civil war in Syria, has released 59 cruise missiles at Syrian airbase, and this was done after President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against the civilian population. The Russians are actively supporting Mr. Assad, despite his brutality.

The Russian leader during the whole day kept Mr. Tillerson in the dark as to, will it be the meeting with Mr. Putin or not. And when they met, it was the first meeting between Mr. Putin and a senior official of the administration of the tramp — the results were not encouraging. According to Mr. Putin, mutual trust degraded, while Mr. Tillerson noted that relations between the two countries are “low”. And in new York, Russia vetoed a resolution of the UN Security Council condemning Syrian chemical attack, and thus it is the eighth time that has protected Mr. Assad from diplomatic sanctions.


After hitting the staff of the administration has been steadily stepping up their criticism of Russia, which is by all means denied carrying out chemical attacks and has accused of using chemical weapons opposing Assad rebels, and thus it provided an opportunity for Mr. Trump, master of various kinds of above taste of his own medicine. On Tuesday, the White house accused Russia of harboring. On Wednesday, Mr. trump entered into a dispute and said that Russia most likely knew about the plans of Mr. Assad of carrying out gas attacks against his own people. He also promised that the pressure on Mr. Putin will grow, it will demand to abandon support for Mr. Assad — “a person truly evil” — and to help end the civil war in Syria.

Some critics of Mr. trump’s wonder, not if he gave the order for the missile strike, in order to divert attention from accusations that he and his allies collaborated with the Kremlin during the presidential campaign. Investigations by Congress and the FBI on these issues, should continue. The Washington Post reported Wednesday that the FBI last summer, received a warrant for surveillance adviser to trump Carter page (Carter Page), and it is the most obvious proof that Mr. Paige may have acted as an agent of a foreign power.

The important question is, will the more complex chill in relations with Russia, its involvement in the fight to defeat the Islamic state (banned terrorist organizations) in Syria. Cooperation on this front, which has always been in doubt, now seems impossible.

Another issue is whether angered Mr. Putin to intensify their intrigues in Europe. In his hands — not the strongest card. His country’s economy is in poor condition. However, it has thousands of nuclear warheads and the proven ability to cut pieces from the Western liberal order. The essence of the challenge facing Mr. trump, is it needs to develop a coherent strategy to counter these threats.