Zaxid (Ukraine): on their own, God-given land

At the beginning of independence, when privatization began, the leaders have frightened the common people the word “restitution”. Like, come the poles or the Hungarians, and evict you, dear Ukrainians, your apartments. So rather take orders and execute them well and do not disturb us to do the same with factories and mines. So both the government and society came (interestingly, almost silently, without any debate) to consensus. It was the fact that everything starts with a clean slate. Ukraine — the successor of the USSR, in which all good was created. Therefore, all former citizens of the USSR receive that piece of property, “Republic”, which is able to reach.

The idea is, admittedly, witty, and reasonable. She’s alive and still supported with specific ideas of sovereignty. But should pay for everything — so we still afraid of Soros, I fear that the Israeli Knesset will buy all the black soil and so on. This is not surprising, because it is impossible to live with two opposing ideas in one head is called schizophrenia. You cannot begin their independence from the Lenin room and get to the exit “like in Europe”. It does not happen.

We have a specific attitude to the common property as a draw. Which can either break or burn, or “to take away, so nobody steals it”. Think of the restitution still would not be, so you can have off fool. Because the process of “Degania” “Soviet” good turns into insanity. Even there are fresh examples in the “most European city of Ukraine” — Lviv.

From the Soviet films we know that before the October revolution the exploiters lived in palaces, and ordinary people were deprived of basic things — schools, hospitals, cultural institutions. Only with the coming to power of the Bolsheviks good pioneers hung the evil landowners and their estates to equip libraries, kindergartens and sanatoriums.

With independence, we realized that it is not true that the pioneers were not so good. And all this barbarism is to transform the Palace in Pidhirtsi in the TB dispensary. So there is nothing wrong with the old “palaces” to sell, because hospitals have to look like hospitals. To be modern, spacious, equipped.

And this, perhaps, is the logical trap in which most of the population lives. Where (most) do not realize that many hospitals, schools, kindergartens are not former lordly estate. These structures are brought “to handle” strong business executives from the Union and up to the present day, from the beginning built for public purposes. Mostly the same exploiters.

For example, the hospital in Downtown, 95, which does not “optimize” the modern patriots who built the damned invaders as an institution for the mentally ill in the second half of the XIX century. And liberators soon were retrofitted and continued to use as directed.

The name of the village Bet near the town of Nikolaev (where I wanted to re-register the hospital Downtown) comes from “Charitable institutions-Institute for orphans and the poor” count Stanislaus Skarbka (the same who built the theater named after Maria Zankovetska).

Case medical University named Daniel Galician for bakery built in the late nineteenth century as quarters for the medical Department of Lviv University.

And even another dream all optimizers — regional clinical hospital, though it was envisaged as a College, almost all of its history since the late eighteenth century, was the hospital.

Yes. It turns out that public facilities may look like palaces. Not everywhere, it turns out, lived the enemies of the Ukrainian people (they are the same until recently — exploiters of the working class). Some hospitals worked in Austria, in Poland, in the Soviet Union even during the years of Nazi occupation. But now they may not survive the process of filling the regional budget for the development of Ukrainian patriots. From this perspective the idea of “transfer unsuitable premises effective managers” not to point to a bright future “Soviet” legacy don’t look so convincing. But the appearance of the practice, when a collective body, staffed by members of any party or parties, manages national assets — this is an atavism, a remnant of the scoop. Especially when that “common” means “draw”, which in our case becomes “to sell”. Even if all the members wear shirts.

Of course, the patriots do not care. First, they are mostly not local. Secondly, their children are likely to study abroad, and work in the worst case, in Kiev.

There are many villages in which there is neither farm, nor the former lordly estate, or even pre-Soviet names. And nothing, live like people.

PS: And rightly so, those who do not accumulate earthly riches “to their God-given land” — it is not known when the next great division and on what terms.