Tillerson said about a significant change in the principles of US foreign policy

The United States should not put conditions of cooperation with other countries the adoption of “American values”, in particular, in the field of human rights. This was stated by U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, the Associated Press, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

Tillerson said that the US will not be able to achieve the policy goals of national security, if “should condition acceptance of American values.”

At the same time, Tillerson said that the US is in any case will not abandon their core values.

“This does not mean that we leave the values on the roadside. This does not mean that we do not seek freedom, human dignity and proper treatment of people around the world,” said U.S. Secretary of state.

Tillerson added that the United States will require compliance with “American values” only in individual cases, if countries want to cooperate with US.

Recall the famous American writer Stephen king stated that access to the US President Donald trump to the “nuclear button” is scarier than any written scary story.