Donbass is preparing to attack Ukraine, which further falls into the abyss

The tension in the Donbas is growing, and many are waiting for the moment when the Ukrainian army will re-deploy a large-scale offensive against the background of complete collapse of the country.

The Russian government has officially stated through a spokesperson of the President that the implementation of the Minsk agreement turned into a fiasco. Russia has shown enormous patience and readiness for a diplomatic reconciliation, but in the end was forced to admit that the plan of peaceful settlement of the conflict impossible because of the position of Ukraine. This is a diplomatic way to say the agreement is dead. No more, no less.

USA in turn still ill with chronic Russophobia, however, apparently not eager to pay for the consequences of their interventionist policies. At a recent meeting of “seven” Secretary Rex Tillerson (Rex Tillerson) has openly wondered why the Ukrainian problem should worry the American taxpayers. Why would they pay the bills?

Reading this statement, I want to wipe my eyes and pinch myself so surreal it looks. The US destabilized a democratic country provoked a coup and put her at the head of the Nazi groups supported illegitimate government. Now they openly say they are not going to compensate for the damage. The head does not fit.

US acting like a bully who broke his toy boy and says that he is not going to pay for it. Only here in our case we are talking about the fate of tens of millions of people who have nothing, no one asked for. Certainly not the United States.

USA with all the great cold speak about the financial side of the Ukrainian problem, it is because the superimposition of the current disaster in the Ukraine points to a steady decline of the country into the abyss.

The least we can say is that, as expected, the situation in Ukraine escalates deeper and more rapidly.

Primarily in the energy sector. The Ukrainian authorities were forced to extend the state of emergency in the sector due to disruptions in the supply of coal needed for the work of Ukrainian thermal power plants.

Authorities are trying to calm people down by talking about future supply from South Africa, but did not publicly recognize that this will not be enough. The necessary amounts of coal just huge, and its delivery by sea would be a real headache (transportation by rail easier).

The Ukrainian government needs to solve this problem, if it does not want continue started a week ago, closing thermal power plants in connection with shortage of fuel (to date, was halted four plants).

This is not to mention the financial side of the question (Africa, I think, is not eager to send to Ukraine coal without assurances of payment), because this is in Ukraine, all too is very bad.

After the decision of the London court on the payment of Ukraine’s $ 3 billion debt to Russia (and to make it will need in the near future, if Kiev does not want to officially declare the default) the country were waiting for other bad news.

Thus, the study of Ipsos MORI, to order Ernst & Young established that Ukraine is the country with the most corrupt in the world business circles. On the background of these results it is impossible not to admit that is directed on fight against corruption “revolution of dignity”, to put it mildly, failed.

Because of dignity in the life of Ukrainians is less and less, as evidenced by the grim business of organ trafficking. After promising the blue of the Maidan Ukrainians are so impoverished that it is now having to sell an organ dealers in order to survive. Those were very profitable business, if you believe the Ukrainian security service and the police: every month they sent four or five the Ukrainians abroad for a kidney removal, for each of which the criminals received from 80 to 100 thousand dollars.

And eliminated was only one such network. How many in Ukraine, such criminal organizations that send citizens under the knife, paying them a few bills? At the thought rises nausea.

Speaking of nausea: present and former soldiers of the battalion “Tornado” got off a total of a very light sentence. After several months of a process that repeatedly interrupted the defendants demanded the release of Ukrainian Nazis, Obolon court of Kyiv rendered a decision in the case of a battalion, raped, tortured and killed residents of Donbass (including women and children).

Taking into account the gravity of the crimes committed and irrefutable evidence in mobile phones of the accused sentences ranging from 8 to 11 years of colony of strict regime — a mere trifle. Indeed, in this case we are talking about crimes against humanity and war crimes: abductions, torture, rape (including children), murder.

They, of course, convicted, but the Ukrainian justice did Nazi battalion too soft. In Nuremberg, for such would simply hang.

And suffering in Ukraine, not only justice. The army continues to fall apart, as evidenced by another explosion at the ammunition depot in Yasinovataya. At the moment, consider two hypotheses: the failure to comply with safety standards, or another attempt to hide the theft and sale of ammunition Ukrainian soldiers who are looking for easy money.

In parallel with this, the Ukrainian authorities are trying to get rid of intractable problems with waste, moving it in the exclusion zone of Chernobyl, although that became a reserve. Instead of spending money to address the issue, the Kiev junta is trying to sweep the dust under the carpet, turning the area into a huge radioactive dump.

And as if that’s not enough, the mismanagement of the Kiev authorities can strike the interior of the country. Thus, the representatives of DND and LNR in Minsk told about the scale of the disaster in a non-operational mines in the occupied Ukrainian army territory of Donbass.

Since the beginning of the war, the mines were closed, including because of destroyed infrastructure, which in Kiev is not even trying to fix it. In a result no one does them, the pumps do not work, and the mines gradually filled with water. For the most part they are already flooded.

This creates two problems. First, disappearing into the mine water is lost, although most of it would go to supply the LC. Second, the water weakens the mounts, which could lead to the collapse of the mines and therefore the surface with all the tragic consequences that one can imagine.

In fact, Ukraine is reminiscent of the mine: she was abandoned, weak and could at any moment collapse in an attempt to captivate the Donbass is.