Trump turns United States into a global policeman

At the summit “the big seven” in Italian Lucca the U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson left no doubt that Russia must change its policy towards Syria and cut all ties with Iran and armed movement Hezbollah. This is a clear challenge to Moscow, which a few days ago, nobody expected. After the gas attack in Syria Tillerson radically changed the position of the government Donald trump against Russia.

The agreement in principle but not in detail

The new course of the American authorities, it seems, lies not in the approximation and in the fierce confrontation. Tillerson knows that when this change of course it is supported by the foreign Ministers of the major Western countries. In Italy, the UK, France, Japan, Canada and Germany had no choice but to approve a missile strike by the Americans on Syria and support a new position in the Syrian conflict. In principle, all agree that Russia needs to break the impasse associated with the name of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. But the nuances of the agreement could not be reached. The foreign Ministers of the “big seven” are unable to agree, for example, about new sanctions against Russia.

How long the United States will adhere to its clear position? During a meeting in Tuscany this question hovered in the air. In the end, it was Secretary of state Tillerson in recent weeks repeatedly changed their position on Syria. The President of the United States Donald trump during election campaign denied the possibility of intervention. Now, however, he acts decisively. His Secretary of state, in Italy even gave a very far-reaching promise: the U.S. will always intervene and bring to justice those who commit crimes against innocent people. World power in the role of world policeman. If you need something and without authority.

Following the example of Bush Jr.

So, trump can compete with his predecessor George Bush, who wanted to take action against the “axis of evil” and fought a war in Iraq that he called trump “a big mistake”. Donald trump and Rex Tillerson obviously intend to argue not only with Russia, but with North Korea and its patron China. The threat of taking “unilateral measures” can be welcome as an active and decisive action. But you can also explain how threat and the game with a trigger.

At the summit in Lucca, the foreign Ministers of the countries “big seven” has not yet come to a consensus about the emerging doctrine of trump. For practical help, that is the armed forces or the money from Western partners, Rex Tillerson with its new policy on Syria can not count. Support will remain only in words. None of the other six member countries of the G7 does not want to be embroiled in a bloody conflict in Syria.

It is doubtful that a new confrontation with Russia will open up opportunities for a political process of peaceful settlement in Syria, as suggested by the foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel (Sigmar Gabriel). Whether Russian President Vladimir Putin will make concessions and will turn away from Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad? It will happen soon, but maybe in the near future when Assad he will no longer need. Russian also see strengthened if the foreign policy of the United States or next week will happen again the turn.

US strategy is still not entirely clear

On the question of why Donald trump changed his political creed with the “America First” (“First of America”) on “everywhere America” (“America is everywhere”), yet a comprehensive answer. Some observers in Washington assume that it happened under the influence of his daughter Ivanka. Adviser to trump without pay, but with a great effect, obviously, called for morality daddy, persuading him to take advantage of the uniqueness of America. Others talk about the political distraction maneuver of the United States, which the President allegedly wanted to show that Russia has no influence on his choice, and the contacts of the members of his election headquarters with Moscow was quite innocent.

What will happen next? Press Secretary trump did not rule out that the US will undertake a new missile strikes if the Assad regime continues to use barrel bombs that are now regularly happening. This means that the US is really serious to intervene in the Syrian conflict. Why in the end trump will demand from its allies in Europe and NATO? How the US will behave in sharp conflict with North Korea, if a crazy ruler in Pyongyang, as it is assumed, ordered to conduct another nuclear test? US foreign policy puts a lot of tactical issues, but this strategy is still not entirely clear.