Archive: the Man nobody knew

Article printed in the newspaper the Daily Herald April 13, 1961.

Glee — the first man in space. Russia triumphs. Major Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin, 27 years old, now on our planet about this man most of all talk and sing. He raced around the world in 89 minutes, which the novel “Around the world in 80 days” seems outdated.

Less is more…

This morning our planet reduced in size. However, new horizons suddenly opened before humanity was so wide that plunged us into shock. Scientists began to say that the Moon is almost in our hands. Scientists are trying to predict the day when people will be able to visit the planet.

Victory snatched from the hands of

Now everywhere you can see people extol the Russian space achievement. Last but not least congratulations come from the United States, which snatched a victory out of his hands.

Very soon America too, will send a man into orbit. Hard to believe, but we will soon be able to get used to flying in space just as we used to fly on airplanes.

About it no one heard

Until yesterday, the world heard nothing about major Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin. It was known no more than any other young man, who calmly resided, say, in the circle of his family somewhere in Moscow or in London.

But now he will be remembered always. His name will follow a long line of great explorers such as Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus. And he will go down in history as the man who risked his life, brought a brilliant victory to his country and to humanity.

His determination

Gagarin was born 27 years ago in one of the farms near Smolensk — the town is akin to our Warrington, however, there are not many industrial enterprises.

In childhood, Gagarin decided that will not work in the village and become a carpenter like his father and brother. Instead, he received a specialty molder, and in the evenings studied.

During his studies in Saratov, Gagarin made a move, which he subsequently performed the first space flight — he came to the club.


Gagarin decided to learn the profession of pilot in aviation school in Orenburg, becoming a pilot trainee. In the same city housed the medical school. One of the students of this school — Valentine — became the wife of Gagarin.

Now they have two children — Helen two years, and Galya, born just a month ago, when her father was 27 years old.

More than five thousand people from different parts of the country [1] sent a letter to Moscow with the request to send their first space flight. Many of them probably weren’t yourself.

But not Yuri! It is a very ordinary person, level-headed, disciplined, possessing all the necessary skills, physical and mental abilities which are in a harmonious unity.

[1] editor’s note. In the original it is written “from different parts of the world (world)”, which is strange, as people from different countries could not hope that they would be sent in first space flight. Rather, here the word “world” is in error, because, probably, it was a rush news release, editors in a hurry to pass it and got it wrong.