The dollar is “stalled”: the national Bank has updated the official rate

The national Bank has published the value of the dollar on 31 July

On Friday, July 31, the national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has calculated the official rate of the dollar against the hryvnia:

30.0731.07Изменение1 dollar 27,69 UAHUAH 27,690,00

Thus, in comparison with values on 30 July, the dollar has changed again, as in the previous banking day. While “green” is still at a maximum from early April levels. However, for the week from 24 to 31 July, the national currency strengthened against the U.S. for 19 cents.

But the Euro rate on 31 July was up eight cents, with 32,47 to of 32.55 hryvnia. In General, the Euro is at record highs as of January 2019 level.