A sharp turn trump from fraternization to confrontation with Russia left the world with the geopolitical trauma – NYT

A week ago, U.S. President Donald trump was called a tool of Russia, its unconscious agent that he defended President Vladimir Putin’s critics who called him a murderer. And now trump has engaged in a diplomatic battle with Putin’s Russia, his administration accuses Moscow of trying to hide Syrian chemical attack against civilians. His Secretary of state put before the Russians an ultimatum: either the United States or Bashar al-Assad. About it writes today loyal to the Democratic party the New York Times reports ZN.ua.

“Even for the presidency, which is marked by unpredictability, such a dizzying reversal from fraternization to confrontation has left Washington and other capitals, with a peculiar geopolitical whiplash injury. The prospects for improving Russian-American relations were very questionable due to the mistrust which originates from the interference of the Kremlin in elections last year. But the discharge is mentioned by trump, suddenly turned into the last cold war”, – writes the edition.

For the camp tramp and a sharp turn was proof of the fallacy of conspiracy theories from the beginning. “If Syria at least did something, you still have to prove the fact that Russia is not involved in this,” said the US President’s son Eric trump.

Meanwhile, in the eyes of critics this is a cynical way to divert attention from a number of investigations of possible contacts associates trump with Russia. In any case, in the following months relations between the two countries will be very precarious, depending on the impulsive reactions of the President, who lacks experience in foreign policy.

“Initially it seemed doubtful that the US and Russia will be able to successfully restart the relationship after all that has happened over the last few years,” said a former officer of the national intelligence and expert at Georgetown University Angela Stent.

“It is surprising just how quickly we have returned to the status quo, which was during the administration of Barack Obama”, she added.

According to former U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Beyrle, extremes of possible relationships were very overpriced, so the situation has returned to a balanced middle.

“The level of trust has deteriorated so much that these first meetings will not bring great results amid investigations of possible Russian intervention in the elections, which cast a large shadow, and both sides need to admit it,” he said.

We will remind, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said about the deterioration of Russian-American relations during the presidency of Donald trump.