The popularity of electric vehicles in Ukraine has reached new heights – study

The popularity of electric vehicles in Ukraine has reached new heights. A third of Ukrainian motorists are seriously considering the purchase of an electric vehicle in the coming years, writes Motormania.

In particular, 30% planning to purchase first car and 50% of car owners who are going to change the car, consider the possibility of buying the electric car in the next 5 years as “likely” or “very likely”.

The greatest interest of people under the age of 30 years. Their share of the total number of potential buyers of electric cars is 28%. This is evidenced by studies of the German company Dalia Research.

For comparison, in several Western countries, electric vehicles are perceived with slightly less enthusiasm. For example, in Germany about buying an electric car thinking 22% of future and current drivers, in France 28%, and in the United States and Canada to 31%. But in China and India, the figure jumps over the 50% mark.

Ukrainians are ready to pay for the electric vehicle 22 659 dollars. This is less than the average for the world, which is 26 $ 299.

The most famous in Ukraine, EV is the Tesla brand. More than 45% of Ukrainians know that the American manufacturer sells electric vehicles. And it is with the world average of 29%. In the top-3 also includes Smart (10%) and Toyota (10%).

Recall that in the first quarter of the current year in Ukraine there were 767 “green” cars.