Hospital new: part of the medical services will remain free, the rest will introduce two price

Ukrainians will be treated in new ways. Glad generally adopted a law according to which the current gospolitiki and hospitals will become a municipal or state (public) non-profit enterprises, and their privatization is prohibited. For clinics and hospitals this means more independence in handling money, and for patients — the establishment of a clear price list of medical services and treatment. How to change the “sick” the life of Ukrainians, understood “Today.”

ADOPTED. As explained by one of the authors of the law, the head of the profile Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Olga Bogomolets, all gosmedakademii received the right (but not the obligation) to change its status, turning from state to state (also the state, but there are not so strictly governed by the order of consumption of public funds) or municipal. This will improve the quality of medical services for the population. And in fact, and in another the status of the health facilities maintained funding from the state budget and local budgets, but canceled itemized expenditure of Federal funds. Let’s say it’s a place like that is allowed to spend from the allocated budget funds of UAH 10 thousand (and not one penny more!) furniture, 15 thousand — for medicine, 40 thousand — the salary, etc. under the new law, postcataract costs for state and municipal hospitals and clinics are cancelled. All of the allocated money will be managed by the physician. With him will conclude the contract for a period of not more than 5 years with the possibility of early termination and renewal, and its work will control the Supervisory Board, formed by the owner of the hospital or clinic (for example, the Kyiv city Council). A medical facility remains unprofitable, so all the budget and money will need be spent on upgrading equipment, salaries to staff and patients.

The second innovation — making money on the medical services. Appears the price list on which the patient will be able officially paying in cash, get medical help. This practice is in the form of “charitable contributions” are in the government now, but is of an informal status. It is expected that prices for services will be lower than in private clinics due to the lack of profits as is taken into account only the cost of treatment.

NUANCES. As explained to us the expert of Reanimation package of reforms Alexander Yabchenko, part of the medical services will remain free (guaranteed state services), the rest will introduce two price — treatment for the state account will cost the same everywhere, but at the expense of the clinic — all are different.

“While the Cabinet prepares lists of medical services, which must approve before the end of may. But it is known that free will be a visit to a General practitioner and a pediatrician, prenatal care, a number of typical tests: chest x-ray, electrocardiogram, blood, urine and even more than ten items, first aid, i.e. call an ambulance, no need to pay. Free remains palliative medicine, i.e. the treatment hopeless and mentally ill”, explained Abanka. Final approval of the state medical services in the Ministry of health promised by September.

The main problem is many doctors will have to be reconstructed, transformed from distributors of budget funds in effective organizers. According to Absence, it is difficult for them, and not the fact that a lot of people do it. Therefore, the necessary trainings that should be organized, the Ministry of health. But the MP and former Minister of health Oleg Musy called declarative many provisions of the law, especially in terms of funding and justification of the proposed list of free medical services. In his opinion, if you do not enter along with the paid services available goldstouna, the reform of the free clinics in pay will cause many poor people to treatment will not be expensive.