Amazing what lives in Kiev Hogwarts: what secrets are hiding the main building of the KPI

We continue to acquaint readers with the mansions of the capital, the entrance to which is restricted. This time we looked at the main building of NTUU “KPI them. Igor Sikorsky”. To enter the building and everyone can, however, not always will show you the Big physical auditorium, or Hall of the academic Council. Already on the threshold you will feel the magic in Hogwarts, seeing unique staircase leading to the upper floors. You can visit the observation deck in one of the two towers of the building, which turned into an art space for students, where they rise after 14:00. In the old days there was.

“The history of the building is very extensive. Few people know about creation in 1905, Shulyavska people’s Republic, which was organized by the workers of the plant “Grether and Krivanek”. They demanded Imperial power for better working conditions. In a Large hisaudience held a meeting of the workers. Police surrounded the building to catch the rebels. But the KPI students took them through underground passages, which saved them from arrest and repression. Although the most active students were sent to troops,” he told us Vitaliy Tatarchuk, head of the Department of the KPI history of the state Museum at NTUU “KPI them. I. Sikorsky”.

Corridor. Modestly, but with taste
Arcs. Students in a hurry did not notice the beauty
View of the building. From the observation platform of the turret
Bansa. Here rise the students after 14:00
Hall of the academic Council. Earlier pomeshenie were decorated with portraits of emperors, the hall was damaged by fire and served as a gym
Hall. There was a hospital and took the exams himself Mendeleev

Patrons. The names of all benefactors
Antiquity. Oak table and Board
Balcony. For thisexperiment
Great physical audience. On the bench in the second row sitting presidents
The mural on the wall. Adorns the entrance to the physical audience