Directly to a war between America and Russia

First, a few options…

Twitter to share photos of the train convoys carrying tanks and heavy weapons from the West to the Eastern United States. As images of arms supplies to Poland and the Baltic countries. Is almost the mobilization of NATO against Russia. Similar supplies are gaining momentum and in the Kurdish areas in Syria and Iraq.

Deep state USA “senses” trump

When trump together with his team, sprang a surprise and won the election, its main difference in foreign policy was the dialogue with Russia and recognition of the Assad regime in Syria.

Remember 2016. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, defining Russia as a terrible enemy, making plans to encircle and, if necessary, of aggression in Eastern Europe and the middle East.

Obama after the economic crisis of 2008 has developed a new defense doctrine, which takes aim at China as the main competitor, and the middle East is planned to operate through proxy wars.

But it didn’t work.

The game entered the Armory, and the oil lobby in Washington and Russia remained the main threat. Because the main issue was retention of control over energy resources and their transportation routes in the world. Russia became the main supplier of energy to Europe. Especially the pipeline “Nord stream”, on which she collaborated with Germany, and plans for new routes through the Balkans and Turkey frightened the US.

In 2008, Vladimir Putin repulsed the attack of the US through Georgia. But he could not prevent the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to NATO. In response to the strengthening of Russia United States in the Ukrainian move. As a result, the Crimea passed into the hands of Russia.

But the project, which is the main threat for Russia was the creation of a Kurdish state in the middle East and the Kurdish corridor through Syria that would have provided access to oil and natural gas from Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and other countries across the Mediterranean to Europe. In Kirkuk and Mosul chaos also emerged from this, and now these areas are trying to give Barzani.

The Israeli plans for the transfer of oil and natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean to Europe together with the Greek part of Cyprus and Egypt were also intended to break Russia’s monopoly.

That is why there is a strong desire to settle accounts with the Turkish state in Cyprus through the negotiating process.

The project of partition of Syria was the plan, the United States, Israel, Britain, and Saudi Arabia, the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK) / people’s protection Units (YPG), Qatar and the Party of justice and development party (AKP) was hired by the coalition.

LIH, “al-Nusra” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), the Free Syrian army (FSA) and other organizations were created for this. Now of them under the leadership of Saudi Arabia are trying to create a broad coalition called “Army of Islam”.

Again returning to the tension between Russia and the United States, we see that trump after coming to power, systematically gets kicks, and his staff, advocating for dialogue with Russia are being reduced.

Recently, the national security Council was excluded chief strategist Steve Bannon (Steve Bannon) (in some sense Goebbels), which trump the most trusted.

And after the attack with chemical weapons in Idlib trump said that his attitude toward Syria will not be the same as before, and said: “I feel a personal responsibility to take steps in response to the chemical attack in Syria. What happened yesterday is unacceptable for me.”

Meanwhile, Israel also bombed again, Syria.Yesterday at midnight the planes, which, as expected, belonged to the Israeli air force, despite the sharp warnings of Russia after the previous air attack, hit the Hizbollah and Assad in southern Syria.

The attack in Idlib is whose job?

The attack perpetrated on 21 August 2013 in the Damascus suburb of Eastern ghouta with the use of sarin gas, hundreds of people were killed. Images of corpses of women and children after the attack shocked the world.

The blame for it all Western and Turkish media blamed the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. But details emerged later, indicated that these events were a conspiracy, “al-Nusra” axis of Saudi Arabia. Image of the dead children were made after the mass killings by militants “an-Nusra” on 5 August in Alawite villages in Latakia.

The Assad government as a result of pressure that arose after these events, opened all his weapons stockpiles to the UN and destroyed stocks of chemical weapons.

The sources used by the Western media, — organization of “White hats” (White Helmets) and associated “Observatory on human rights” in London and the Pro-Western jihadist organizations, especially “al-Nusra”. If you remember when Russia and Syria liberated Aleppo, they found it stocked chlorine left by the terrorists of “al-Nusra”, and demonstrated all this to the world community.

Those driven out of Aleppo by the terrorists along with their families went to Idlib on the border with Hatem. Here fighters of the free Syrian army and “al-Nusra” were to fight each other. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, USA and Israel tried to unite them all into a single force. Russia and Syria were planning an operation to sweep Idlib.

And here is a warehouse with chemical weapons delivered by these armed groups from Aleppo, was shelled during an air attack by Syrian aircraft. At the same time around a warehouse with weapons for some reason again killed women and children.

Our government media and Sözcü again began to dazzle anti-Russian and Pro-Western headlines about “the mass murder that was committed by the Assad regime.”

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Syria Walid al-Muallem (Velid Muallim) reported that ISIS and “Fath al-sham” (the old name of “al-Nusra”) has delivered chemical weapons to Syria from Iraq and Turkey, and Damascus notified the UN and the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. In addition, on this subject I recommend the article, UVI Mehmet (Mehmet Yuva) (Aydınlık Gazetesi, 06.04.2017).

The result of this attack, Turkey moved away from front of Russia, Iran and Syria. And again approached the front of the imperialist USA. However, this is not news, because with the advent of the trump of the AKP and Erdogan, again United with Saudi Arabia, revealed this policy in its anti-Iranian statements.

Trump, who sent his son to Erbil to support Barzani raised the Kurdish flag in Kirkuk will again boost the Kurdish corridor.

The fact that Russia blocked the path from the Afrin, pissed off America. Turkey and Russia, the two Eurasian powers, in fact, are at the same position in the middle East. The territorial integrity of Syria means territorial integrity of Turkey. Kirkuk, Mosul and Turkmen — means the territorial integrity of Iraq. Against Kurdistan, which has become a second Israel in the region are Iran and Iraq, and Turkey.

China, which signed energy contracts with Iran worth hundreds of billions of dollars, also together with Russia is on the side of the countries of the region. In other words, creating a kind of Western-Asian Union — in the interests of both the SCO and the oppressed around the world.

But the project “greater middle East” thanks to us not pigeonholed. Ankara, which can not get rid of Natoma, constantly sways from side to side. But when you look at the whole picture it becomes obvious that we are facing a very serious aggravation of relations between the US and Russia in the region and around the world, including the Arctic.

On the US side, along with their lackeys FETÖ (a terrorist organization of Fethullah Gulen (Fethullah Gülen)) and NATO had planned to hold a coup on 15 July in Turkey, the UK, NATO, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf…

And now Turkey.

On the side of Russia, which has the same interests and enemies, like Turkey, Syria, Iran, China, and all the oppressed in the developing world. Turkey in a possible imperialist attack will be all alone. The enemies of Turkey actually very clearly evident on 15 July. Erdoğan received the support of the national front, and in Turkey there was a spirit of national mobilization.

Let’s see, what cliché repeated by the Western media: “If the yes votes win, already authoritarian leader will become a full fledged dictator”. That is, “if you win the vote “Yes,” has an authoritarian leader will turn into a full-fledged dictator.”

You can see the trap set for Turkey, which at any moment can change the balance of the scales in a time when the world is moving towards big data bills? Both domestically and abroad…