The story of a trader in a million by Alexei Vilniusa

Alex, tell us about yourself. Where you grew up, what he did before?

I was born in St. Petersburg, or rather Leningrad, and spent in this city most of his life. Changed a number of professions were and your business. But it did not.

What I do now? How we got here?

More than two years trade binary options in the Olympus trade. Started with a $ 300 Deposit in less than a year rose to seven-digit numbers. This is my main income now. Found this broker by accident and consider myself very lucky. After receiving a VIP account, Olympus has allocated me a personal analyst who pointed out my mistakes and actually influenced my life. Without it, it would be much harder.

At what age you became a millionaire? What did you feel at that moment? How has your work day?

At the age of 30. Nothing much felt, because the million I fell from the sky, I went to him for a few months. Yesterday was 950 thousand, a million. Round number, nothing more. When he began to trade on Olympus TREJJD, and realized that this is mine and that was spend on the computer 3 hours a day. Unable to night read Analytics and trading chats. Trading in the morning and afternoon, sometimes evening.

Why chose a new place of residence Cyprus?

Here the sea and still warm and Sunny. If you get tired, tomorrow I will go to Europe, Asia or South America. The main thing that was the Internet, and to change the place I can always and without departing from the trade. It is convenient to trade. Sometimes I travel not so long ago has been, for example, in Dubai and posted a video about his impressions on his YouTube channel. But even on vacation I do not throw trading, and even in Dubai, traded, and earned very well.

What are your Hobbies?

My work is my hobby. I also lead groups in social networks: instagram and Vkontakte. Write stuff, make videos, teach others how to make money on trading. It takes no less time than on trade. By the way, anyone who has no experience in binary options I would recommend you to watch a short training video. After seeing this video, you will learn the key concepts of binary options trading and will be able to use my tips into practice and even earn money.

You helped to become a millionaire – work or luck?

Work. I practiced a lot and listened to what my analyst says. Discipline and a clear plan made me a millionaire.

What advice would you give to those who are still undecided or unhappy with her?

Do what you love. If you are tired of work, you can even leave with irritation remember her. That’s a horrible thing to poison your life. Now is a unique time because there’s the Internet and it is everywhere. Everyone will find something for everyone, be it investing, trading or regular remote work. Also, I would recommend subscribe to my YouTube channel – Where I post many different videos from travel around the world, about the trading, as well as share subscribers with a profitable trading strategy.