Attack the US gives a boost to ISIS and the opposition

The Islamic state (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx.ed.) uses American attack in order to attack the Syrian regime. Syrian opposition calls for subjected to the bombardment of all air bases of the regime.

When ISIS went on the offensive Friday morning, the air was still full of fumes from burning fuel tanks at Syrian airbase.

The American attack on the base Shirt close to the HOMS — an attack on the main enemy of the Syrian Islamists. And the Islamic state took advantage of this, attacked the regime of approximately 30 LM to the East of the shirt, which was thrown 59 the American “Tomahawk”, which led to chaos.

“Urgent! Islamic state took advantage of the attack of the Americans to attack to the East of HOMS,” wrote Syrian journalist Eyad al-Hossain in a message on Twitter.

At the time, such as the States of the region like Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, expressed support for the American punitive action against the Syrian regime, the Syrian opposition partially hopes that the attacks will continue.

“We call for a United international attack on Syrian air bases,” quoted Reuters, the prominent representative of the Syrian opposition, who said this in an interview with broadcaster al-Hadath tv.

Different groups in the ranks of the Syrian opposition has suffered a number of serious defeats by the Syrian regime in the past 18 months. Especially after Russia in September, 2015 also began bombing the positions of the opposition. So the American attack has raised the hope that the war may again change in favor of the opposition.

Social media by the Syrian opposition welcomed the American bombing, but the General consensus is: individual attacks is not enough.

“I hope they will not leave Assad not a single airport,” says Hammoud, Fetish (Hammoud Fattish) to Facebook.

“Why are they allowed Assad and his henchmen to bomb so far? Why not strike at Hezbollah, and other Iranian insurgents?” — asks Salah al-Haya.

Rocket attack USA has led to tensions in relations with Russia, which convened an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. According to AFP, Russia also said that does not feel more obligated to cooperate with US. Cooperation, in particular, was to prevent clashes between fighters in the skies over Syria.

Donald trump first became a real hero for many Syrians opposed to the regime.

In an interview with AFP, the representative of the opposition group “Syrian national coalition” Ahmad Ramadan (Ramadan Ahmad) said that he hoped that the American attack is just the beginning.

“The national coalition welcomes the missile attack and urged Washington to neutralize the possibility of Bashar al-Assad’s use of their aircraft. We hope for new attacks,” said Ahmad Ramadan.

Turkey is among the countries in the region that support the Syrian opposition most faithfully. According to the Jerusalem Post, on Friday morning, press Secretary of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for a ban on flights over the territory of Syria. “The destruction of the shirt is an important step to ensure that attacks on civilians using chemical and conventional weapons will result in prosecution,” said spokesman Ibrahim Kalin (Ibrahim Kalin).