Russian journalists in Sweden was trying for the money “to arrange” on-camera riot – media

The members of the crew of one of the Russian TV channels offered money to young residents of the troubled suburbs of Stockholm Rinkeby for organizing riots. It is reported by radio station Radio24syv, citing two people who spoke with Russian journalists, writes “Ukrainian truth”.

As told one of the young men, who identified himself as Mohamed, two men who identified themselves as Russian journalists, offered 400, – CZK (42 Euro) for “action” in front of the cameras. According to him, among themselves they spoke a language which he perceived as Russian.

“While we were talking, we were approached by the police. Russian journalists told the police that we asked them to organize riots on camera, if they will pay,” – said Muhammad.

The young man said that he did not know which channel is represented by the journalists.
According to the newspaper Aftonbladet, the riots in the suburbs of Stockholm was covered by some Russian media, including NTV.

The authors of the plot NTV took the comment from the head of the parliamentary group of anti-immigrant party “Swedish Democrats” Mattias Karlsson, who said that “migration has gone too far.” Controversial police officer Peter Springate known racist statements, and far-right organization “the Soldiers of Odin” is shown in the plot as heroes. In addition, the author of the piece noted that many Swedes perceive the US President Donald trump as a hero.

The Stockholm police stated that he knew about the incident with Russian journalists.
“But we can’t confirm what really happened,” – said the press-Secretary of police of Stockholm’s mats Eriksson.

Recall riots in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby, which is considered the traditional center of the cluster of migrants in the Swedish capital, erupted on the evening of 21 February. Unknown robbed a few shops, burned left parked cars and threw stones at police. In response, law enforcement officials fired several shots into the air. The victims in the riots were not.

Before that, on February 18, U.S. President Donald trump, speaking at a rally of supporters in Florida frightening incident with refugees in Sweden, which was not.