When Russians die, is this normal? Je suis Saint-Pétersbourg!

Place after the terrorist attack on avatar the inscription “Je suis” and the name of the victim today already a cliché. And when there is some terrorist act, when jihadistan anything done to this cliché, of course, he is the author of this article. It is a no, even a little, an expression of solidarity, a confirmation of the fact that you perceive this terrorist act as an attack on himself, on our country. Because the jihadists do not understand neither the Czechs nor the French nor the Belgians. For them we are all infidels dogs that need unless you convert to Islam, die.

And now it gives me no pleasure to state that after the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg, which killed 14 people, after 48 hours, no wave cheap clichés of solidarity in social networks has not risen. Although the media try to inform about the terror in Russia as thoroughly and analytically as in the case of terrorist attacks in France.

The photos and video taken with mobile, the same horror as we saw the footage of the nice and “Bataclan”. But we have no touch, and I never saw avatar the inscription “Je suis Saint-Pеtersbourg!”. If we still do not understand, even unsympathetic Putin is much closer to us than the jihadists.

The policy of Russia, i.e. Putin’s policy in many areas is totally unacceptable and criminal (for example, use the hashtags #Krym #Donеck). However, for our survival it would be better if we realize that for Ahmad, there is no difference between a French Catholic, Czech, atheist and Russian Orthodox. We are all a target, and if we are targets, we do not stand together, Ahmed and your buddies easily deal with each of us one by one. Therefore, at least in the fight against Jihad (war against infidels) we should closely unite with Russia and for some time to forget about that a number of Russian actions, we did not like.

Russian and its national character, dreams, and habits are very far from our understanding of the liberal democratic citizen. It’s true. However, Ahmed culture further away from us, and to negotiate with them is impossible. So let’s stop looking at Russia as in abroad and start to perceive it as a country that essentially has the same Euro-Atlantic identity, like ours, as a country that is part of our world. Let’s learn to perceive the Russian victims of Jihad as if they’re one of us. So I say: “Je suis Saint-Pеtersbourg!”