These countries-the leaders in deaths from Smoking

The most Smoking country in the world recognized China. This was reported by an international team of scientists that has identified countries that are leading in mortality from Smoking.

A study published in the journal the Lancet.

According to scientists, more than one in 10 deaths worldwide (about 6.4 million deaths) caused by Smoking. Half of them are four countries — China, India, USA and Russia.

Statistics by age and gender for the top ten most Smoking countries in the world, the authors presented in a special table. Place in it is as follows: China, India, Indonesia, USA, Russia, Bangladesh, Japan, Brazil, Germany and the Philippines.

All, according to the study, as of 2015, smoke nearly one billion people — every fourth man and every twentieth woman.

The study showed that since 1990 the world has witnessed the increase in the absolute number of smokers while reducing their proportion in the population of the planet, because of its overall growth. In about 30 countries, the number of smokers is decreasing among the leaders, India and Brazil.