That will protect Israel from Syrian threats?

The use of chemical weapons government forces in the town of Khan Shaykhun under the Idlib indicates serious problems of the Assad regime, are not able to take control of your territory under control of the rebels. It is clear that without Russian help Syria, as a state entity, would have long since not existed. Such a scenario is also extremely disturbing. Bashar Assad is a threat to the entire region, human morality and, of course, the state of Israel. No choice: Assad must be taken out of the game. However, the Western world over and over again can not cope with this task.

In connection with the terrible tragedy in Syria, it is impossible not to mention the various “achievements” of the Obama administration in the middle East, especially the Iranian nuclear agreement. No one, perhaps, there is now doubt about that “successful” agreement signed with the satanic regime of the ayatollahs surrendered to Tehran by the West. Watching the events in Idlib, seeing the helplessness of the West, understand the truth of the words of the Jewish sage Hillel: “If I am not for myself who will be for me?” No agreement will not protect Israel from the axis of evil. Only one factor will protect Israelis in this terrible region full of violence and blood is a modern, strong and efficient army based on all the best and the brightest, that is in Israeli society.

Complex middle East reality only strengthens multiply our power, based on human capabilities and technological superiority. The Israeli government understands this reality and acts accordingly. The IDF has today the most powerful, one of the best in the world, a potential reflection of ballistic threats. In its capabilities to operate at sea, in air and on land, the IDF is one of the leading armies of the world. The same applies to staffing is the best boys and girls of the country serve in the army. It should be understood that it is not a matter of course. I hope that the Syrian chemical threat will pass us by. One thing is clear: the agreement and reality do not always coincide.