Now trump is still playing the role of world policeman

In early November, in the last phase of the election campaign, Donald trump even criticized his rival Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton) that she wants to “start in Syria, hot war, which could lead to a third world war.” After a few months the President trump started a “hot war” and instructed to be subjected to the bombardment of Syrian military airfield near HOMS.

59 cruise missiles of type “Tomahawk” was launched from two American destroyers in the Mediterranean in retaliation for the attack using chemical weapons by rebels in Khan shaykhun, to make which, according to Western governments, ordered the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis (Jeff Davis) said that victims of the bombing of the military airport of al Sirat served as a base for attacks using chemical weapons. It is a small airport, which, according to experts, are usually only two squadrons numbering from 12 to 15 aircraft. The goal released with 3:40 to 3:50 “Tomahawk” was, according to Davis, “aircraft hangars in bunkers, fuel depots and supply bunkers with weapons, air defense systems and radar stations”.

We are talking about one of the fastest acts of revenge in history, eventually less than three days after the use of chemical weapons, followed by the American response using the “Tomahawk”. Obviously, the us military resorted to designed a few years ago the plan of attack which had been prepared for various scenarios, but has never been used.

For the first time, targeted attacks on Assad’s troops

However, most surprising was the change in the position of the President who during the election campaign strongly advocated against a new American intervention in the middle East. But now he has done what he always feared his predecessor, Barack Obama, for the first time and ordered to strike directly at Assad troops. “This is very similar to the plans that we have prepared in 2013, when President Obama was weighing a possible strike,” he said, speaking on CNN, rear Admiral John Kirby (John Kirby), which was when Obama’s press Secretary in the Ministry of defense, and later also in the state Department.

And later Obama every once feared intervention, including out of fear that America may be in conflict with the Russians and Iranians, which is closely linked to the Syrian military operations. However, trump did not stop. According to US officials, the Russian staff also was placed on the attacked an air force base in al-Sirat. However, shortly before the attack, American officials entered through the channels of military contact with Russia to avoid the Russian losses. In addition, pre-contact was taken with the many allies who supported the American attacks.

Speech trump after air attack

In his brief prepared statement, trump explained to the American military strikes. “On Tuesday, Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad carried out a horrendous chemical attack against innocent civilians. Using deadly paralytic agent, Assad took the life of defenseless men, women and children,” said trump. “A lot of people died a slow and painful death. Even cute babies were killed in this barbaric attack. No child of God should not be subjected to such horror.” Trump said that in the vital national security interests of the United States necessary to prevent the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.

According to him, there is no doubt that Syria is using banned chemical weapons and thereby violates its obligations under the Convention on chemical weapons. She ignored the calls of the UN security Council. Trump called on all luisitania of the nation to ensure that together with the United States to contribute to ending the killings and crocodile in Syria. Late in the evening, the Ministry of defense also published the flight routes of aircraft responsible for the attack using himicheskogo weapons that are designed to confirm that has become the target of the attack, the airfield served as a base of operations for a chemical attack.

Surprisingly, the President who recently declared isolationist policy of “America first”, is doing now what he always reproached classic figures in the field of foreign and security policy, and it uses America as world policeman. The attitude to Assad has changed 180 degrees in less than a week. A few days ago the Secretary of state trump and his Commissioner at the UN made clear that they will no longer actively advocate for the removal of Assad. Now, say the USA, as it was before under Obama, rely on the so-called Geneva process to shift Assad from his post.

It seems that further action is not planned

But trump, it seems, does not intend to destabilize the Assad regime through further military strikes. Anyway, on Thursday night the statements by US officials gave the impression that it will end this limited act of punishment, if the President trump wants to strike new blows. Yet it is also not clear whether the trump long-term plan for Syria, going beyond the intentions to keep Assad from using chemical weapons. In any case, state Secretary of the USA Rex Tillerson (Rex Tillerson) has hastened to assure that the tramp has not changed its fundamental attitude to the Syrian conflict.

In social networks immediately after the attack began the hunt for many former trump’s tweets, in which he argued against military intervention in Syria. Some ridiculed him and claimed that trump is so close to her heart was the fate of the Syrian refugees, sent them “Tomahawks”, but doesn’t want to let them in the United States.

In contrast, trump received the praise of many traditional foreign policy figures in the Republican party, which until now were among the harshest critics of the Pro-Russian position of trump and his most severe opponents in domestic politics. So, senators John McCain (John McCain) and Lindsey Graham (Lindsey Graham) praised trump in their joint statement. “Unlike the previous administration, the President of the trump in the decisive moment has responded to critical events in Syria. He deserves the support of the American people,” the senators said. They expressed the hope that these actions are just the first step on the way to the true strategic progress. The first goal, in their opinion, should be to completely disable Assad’s air force, followed by proven to strengthen the Syrian opposition and to create a security zone to overcome the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Trump — the new Sheriff

Also Marco Rubio (Marco Rubio), another critical in relation to Trump Republican foreign policy expert, supported the air raids. However, many immediately raises the question of how Russia will react and what will be a long-term plan of the administration in Syria. It’s a great question. Trump, apparently, you first need to send a signal of intimidation and show their strength. See the city’s new Sheriff — that sounds like his message. And with it can no longer be treated as the previous one.

During the election campaign trump have repeatedly said that America needs to be more unpredictable for opponents. At least it managed it this week when the world experienced a complete change in the course of his policy on Syria, and the dramatic deterioration of relations between the administration trump with Moscow.