Pure milk should be from healthy cows, cooled and free of impurities

For 16 years, the Center of consumer expertise “Test” to regularly investigate food products, checking their quality in independent laboratories and helping the consumer to make the right and safe choice.

Recently, the Center decided to launch separate large-scale project for dairy producers. Milk is one of the main foods in the diet of modern Ukrainian. It is important that the manufacturer adhered to all the norms of manufacturing to obtain safe product. Quality criteria have identified only three clean you can get the milk only from healthy cows, temperature should be maintained at all stages of production, milk should not contain any additives. Only then the producer receives from the “Test” special characters “Clean saved”.

Head of the Center for consumer expertise “Test” Valentine Bezrukov and the journalists decided to verify compliance with these criteria in practice.

First Valentine together with the journalists went to a farm in S. Ostriiky Belotserkovsky district, Kiev region. The milk used for the manufacture of products of TM “prostokvashyno”.

This farm has 500 cows, each with a personal medical card on which, at any moment, you can find all her biography, and health: what is the name, how long, when and what was ill, what gives milk and so on average, one nurse gives 25 litres of milk. But there are some which get 65 liters.

Any change in the diet, time or fear effect on a cow as stress, and it ceases to give milk. So here I try in every way to please animals. For example, the daylight savings time stretch a few days – gradually accustom the animals to be milked sooner than they used to. Even the pedicure, the cows do! It was found that animals with neglected hooves will produce less milk.

And all the rules of cleanliness is observed. For example, before each milking, the cows udders are disinfected.

If the cow is sick, then, as assured the head of the farm Alexander Cradle, it will be milked separately and the milk disposed of. Only after the cow will recover, her milk will be tested and there won’t find antibiotics, animal return to healthy cows.

On the farm the health wards being followed because the farmer is not interested in milk he returned, having discovered in the laboratory of plant mismatch purity and quality.

But, according to the Director of the center “Test” Valentine Bezrukov, to get a really clean milk from grandmother’s cow is not easy. There is no guarantee that the animal is healthy. And rarely have a hostess will hand to pour the milk obtained from sick cows that are treated with antibiotics. That is such a “good” for sale. By the way, recent studies of milk “grandmother” showed in all samples purchased from private traders in the markets of Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnieper and Lvov, Escherichia coli, antibiotics, and other signs of the impure milk. Therefore, for security purposes, an independent lab TEST is not recommended to buy milk on markets

But large industries are not affected. On a farm in S. Ostriiky observed the second criterion of purity – temperature regime. Immediately after milking, all the milk in sterile tubes comes in a special molecolari, where it is cooled to 4-6 degrees. Then taking out his sealed milk-coolers, which are delivered to the Poltava oblast, in Kremenchug dairy plant, where they make milk products “Buttermilk”.

And here begins another story – milk processing. In the workshop for receiving sampled from each compartment of the tanker. While in the laboratory to check raw material according to the twelve indicators, the milk truck is not unloaded. For example, if in milk will find antibiotics, get it back to the supplier.

To dilute the milk somewhere along the way will not work – all the hatches sealed, the way cars are tracked so that suspicious manipulations do not go unnoticed.

According to Konstantin Kryazheva, operational Manager, every day in this modern manufacturing process 300 tons of raw materials. The way of milk starts with the fact that it is chilled, passed through a filter, then a separator is separated into cream and skim milk. And no other additives! In order to neutralize, bacteria, milk is pasteurized – heated to 95 degrees and kept for five minutes at this temperature. This is the procedure (and not adding any preservatives or antibiotics, as some believe) allows you to increase the shelf life of the product.

Milk has just blown disposable sterile bottle is poured into a transparent box and immediately sealed. Everything is labeled, packaged and direct fire in a cold shop for finished products where temperature also does not exceed 4-6 degrees. After checking the entire path of milk from the farm to the finished product shop, the experts of the Center of consumer expertise “Test” was once again convinced that “Buttermilk” meets all three criteria of purity. Indeed, as the sign says on the packaging: a clean and well preserved!

Olga Solomka