Sexy bodyguard of the President of South Korea crazy women

Koreans literally go crazy over chiseled cheekbones and expressive eyes of a bodyguard of the President, reports the Daily Mail. Now they watch the news not because of interest in politics the head of state, but in order to see Choi Ence.

For a few days, the guard became the most discussed person in the network and a photo of Choi with breakneck speed are distributed on the Internet.

A wearer note that bodyguard look like a movie star. Girls think that the man is perfect for the role of the protagonist Thriller.

excuse me this is the new korean President’s bodyguard

— elena yip (@elena_yip) 12 may 2017

Some Korean media also there was an assumption that the moon Gain deliberately hired in my team “pretty professional” to create an attractive image of the new administration.

However, the President was forced to disappoint the female half of the population of the country, adding that the handsome bodyguard is married and has two daughters. Who is the lucky chosen one guard – not specified.