TOP 10 unusual Jeep (photo)

First Jeep — then they were just model Willys — appeared in 1941, and after the war gradually became a separate brand, widely known for its SUVs. Nevertheless, over the long history of the brand came about in a very interesting Jeep, and not only off-road, writes Popular Mechanics.

Kaiser-Willys Jeep Wide-Trac (1960). A concept car developed under the brand Jeep Kaiser company, which for seven years before that engulfed the parent company of Jeep — Willys-Overland. Worked on its design coach Crown Coach — the result should be, as we say, a shift bus, wet (or rather, a universal chassis for installation of a number of freight and passenger bodies). The car was not very successful on a number of parameters, and the project was closed, the only manufactured copy has not survived.

Jeep XJ002 Bolide (1969). On the background of fashion on the muscle cars of the company Kaiser Jeep decided predstavte their version of a sports car. In 1969 he appeared immediately two concept XJ001 outdoor and indoor XJ002 (about XJ001 we wrote separately). Car XJ002 was built on the chassis of model Jeepster Commando and had a light plastic body. The concept has survived to the present day, currently under restoration.

Jeep Wagoneer 2000 (1991). Futuristic prototype car of the XXI century (in late 80s — early 90s it was very fashionable to predict what will go in the 2000-ies). In principle, it turned out close. The car was equipped with a 5.2-liter 220-horsepower engine, had a four-wheel drive and an interior in luxury style.

Jeep Ecco (1993). Runabout in the style of “eco-friendly”: the machine is completely made of bystrorastvorimykh and recyclable materials. Equipped with a 1.5-liter 85-horsepower engine and all-wheel drive.

Jeep Jeepster (1998). The concept car, named in honor of the classic models of the 1960s was primarily characterized by an amazing tire, specially developed by Goodyear. Even after a puncture in all four wheels the machine can move another 75 km on the deflated tire.

Jeep Treo (2003). Electric car with two motors, driving respectively the front and rear pairs of wheels, an attempt to show that such “Smart” at the Tokyo motor show 2003.

Jeep Nukizer 715 (2010). The startling beauty of the retro-SUV gave rise to a series of concept cars Jeep, made in a vintage style. Visually, the designers started from classic army models Kaiser Jeep M715 (1965). Titanic Goodrich KM2 tires and a 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine provides the car excellent cross.

Jeep Wrangler Blue Crush (2011). Conceptual Safari car designed by (as well as the previous model) Mopar division specializing in the manufacture and supply of spare parts for cars of concern of Chrysler. This car can be safely considered the “vezdekhods” Jeep in history.

Jeep J-12 (2012). Flawlessly beautiful retro pickup, a logical continuation of the Nukizer 715, designed by designer Kyle Evans.

Jeep Mighty FC (2012). Another retro-jeep, this time in an unusual form-factor, lightweight cabover pickup. The design of the model refers to the classical model of truck Jeep Forward Control produced since 1956. The base concept was the Wrangler Rubicon, reinforced tuning components from Mopar.