“Impel Griffin” — “the Choice of Ukraine 2016”: what does the title of the company and its customers

International multi-service company “Impel Griffin” was awarded the title of “Ukraine’s Choice in 2016.” The organizing Committee of the independent business awards are considered “Impel Griffin” the best in the business.

In Ukraine rating program “Choice of Ukraine” in 2013. It is designed to select the best enterprises in each sector and thus to care about the economy.

“The choice of Ukraine” confirms that the company a few years working steadily and fully solvent. The prize is awarded to companies that implement new technologies and develop in an intensive way, which no resources, and professionalism. “Impel Griffin” follows this principle; therefore, the company has become one of the industry leaders and won the award in the past year. The company also awarded “industry Leader 2016” and received certificate “Best place to work 2016” from the Ukrainian corporate equality index.

Today the main directions of the company with the professional cleaning of commercial real estate, maintenance of engineering systems of buildings repairs, outstaffing, catering in the workplace and in offices.

The specialists of “Impel Griffin” perform a professional cleaning for office, government, industrial, food, medical, sports and warehouse facilities. As assure of the company, they have experience in all market segments.

Technical maintenance of engineering systems of buildings includes maintenance and repair works, inspection and testing equipment and engineering systems. On average, the company serves about 120 sites per day. The specialists of “Impel Griffin” engaged in the maintenance of the Sewerage systems and water, heat and electricity, gas equipment, lifting platforms and hydraulic bridges. They also perform construction work, dismantling, finishing, installation and replacement of flooring.

Separate service “Impel Griffin” — outstaffing, allowing customers to optimize the management of human resources, to reduce the load on human resource Department. This approach reduces the cost of record keeping. If you need to cut some staff and leave the most qualified, outstaffing will be a great solution.

Catering from “Impel Griffin” is effective and “tasty” organization of corporate power. If necessary, the company will equip the buffet, dining zagotovochnogo type or a full kitchen at the plant and in the office.

Among the clients of “Impel Griffin” — the largest enterprises and companies of Ukraine, DTEK, FUIB, WOG, Imperial Tobacco, British American Tobacco, Kyivstar, PZU Ukraine, Bank arcade, MTS, etc. Griffinov comprehensively served by large Ukrainian banks, mobile operators, industrial enterprises and large international projects.

Recently “Impel Griffin” became a partner of the song contest “Eurovision-2017”, won the tender for the provision of services for the maintenance and support of the technological processes (outstaffing), as well as services for the collection and disposal of waste. In the portfolio of “Impel Griffin” — service Euro-2012 and world Championship in rhythmic gymnastics. Also in the “Impel Griffin” signed the contract for the cleaning of the offices of the National Bank of Ukraine in Kiev.

In the “Impel Griffin” we are convinced that the award was the result of a well-knit team. “Thanks to the support and trust of our clients even in the difficult times of crisis, we were able to confirm the position of the leader of the new award and to implement numerous effective innovations in the maintenance of the property: to launch an innovative online service for clients of the company, implement a number of European technology, quality control, and also run a corporate Institute for the technical staff. I sincerely thank the entire team of “Impel Griffin” for the perfect everyday work and personal contribution to the development of the company”, — said Vitaly opanasyuk, General Director of “Impel Griffin”.

“To be a customer of the company with the status of “industry Leader” and “the Choice of Ukraine” — it is an advantage. With a team of “Impel Griffin” we have been cooperating for a very long time and, of course, very nice to know that they never rest on our laurels. The level of quality of service and their rank — proof. I would also like to mention their attitude. It is seen that for guys it’s more than just the cleaning, for them it is a matter of life. This is reflected in General, joint result. I sincerely congratulate them and wish further victories!” comments news Valentina Fyodorovna Rudavka, the commandant of the business management Department facilities management Department the Bank’s administrative-economic activity of PJSC JSCB “ARKADA”

“Congratulations “Impel Griffin” with a significant reward! Professionals worthy of professional recognition. I would like to emphasize the high quality of work “Impel Griffin” and the response speed of the company’s specialists that they have demonstrated over many years of interaction with the Bank FUIB. This is a high level, which deserves a leadership position. Prosperity, concentration and development!” — says Elena Kolodina, Deputy head of Department, head of Department of administrative management support activities of the Bank FUIB.

“It’s nice to know that the partner with whom you have been working for many years, growing and evolving even in this difficult time. Doubly pleased to work with the market leader. Keep it up! It was a common opinion that the cleaning company is a team of elderly cleaners with a wooden MOP and a set of primitive services. Were glad to realize that this is not so and that the outsourcing of services can be an effective model for optimization of cost and time. Congratulations to “Impel Griffin” on the next stage and thank them for their hard work and diligence!” — said Olga, Mironenko, chief specialist of Department of development office of network real estate management Department of administration and logistics “PZU Ukraine”.

Outsourcing of “Impel Griffin” helps to reduce the cost of production of Ukrainian producers and increases their competitiveness in global markets. The work of “Impel Griffin” is always transparent, open to customers, focused on their task and their success. It is inherent in the mission of the company: “free Your Time for Great deeds!”. Built fundamentally right principles and commitment to them is the key to success and the key to a prosperous future. As commented in the “Impel Griffin”, in response to their decisions and the effective work they receive from their customers a high level of trust to their brand — exactly what most inspires and motivates.