Laziness can lead to success, psychologists

We waste years trying to save hours. Do not allow yourself to relax and be lazy. However, laziness may well be the secret of success, say psychologists, writes

1. You do not miss new opportunities

When was the last time you felt comfortable of doing nothing? Not an hour or a day, and generally not having any plans for the near future? Too often we seem to need to always be busy and hard. And we panic, if we are asked what we are working when we are not working on anything.

Whether you were taken for a project, not just to sit idle? And how many good opportunities have you missed because this project took up all your time?

If you allow yourself to do nothing or to do less, so you will be able to take on something really worthy of your attention, when the opportunity arises.

Besides, the only way you will find the time to search for these possibilities. But if you will be busy, just miss your chance.

2. You are wasting your time, trying to spend time wasted

We cherish every minute of your time and try for a day to catch as much as possible. But often do not notice the really good opportunities. Remember, were there ever any suggestions that you refused simply because you didn’t have time to waste?

Don’t be afraid to spend hours and days for some idea if it seem important and worthy. The next time something piques your interest, take the time to put the draft on the feet or on the practice to make sure that this idea will fail.

3. You do only what is really important

Let laziness will be your filter. Then you will take only those ideas that you are very interesting. When was the last time you wondered whether you will be sad if a project does not come to life? Thinking about the next proposal, ask yourself this question before saying Yes.