“With marine Le Pen France will resume trade and military cooperation with Russia”

What is the place of France in the world under a new President? Jérôme rivière, responsible for the foreign policy in the headquarters, marine Le Pen, speaks with the Director of the editorial Board of Le Monde Sylvie Kauffmann.

Le Monde: marine Le Pen is the only candidate who met with Vladimir Putin. The rest went mostly to Angela Merkel. Your candidate did not go to Germany, and in Russia. How could you justify a possible lifting of sanctions after the incident on Ukraine given that we have international agreements and the UN Charter, which guarantee the inviolability of borders?

Jérôme rivière (Jérôme Rivière): Yes, we have, of course, there is the principle of the inviolability of borders, but I would like to remind you that the principle was violated for our European continent with the division of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. The same thing we saw in Africa with the creation of South Sudan. There are plenty of examples. That is, there are many examples of the need for pragmatic policy when it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of the people, to take into account its right to self-determination. With regard to relations with Russia, marine Le Pen opposed in principle to a matter of alignment, as in the United States and Russia. At the moment, the French position is absolutely desbalanceada. We are in a position of subordination to the decisions of the European Union and the United States because of our presence in NATO. We definitely want to finish this submission to the EU and out of NATO joint command. We are not talking about leaving NATO, and the release of the joint command: we are opposed to dragged us into military adventures that are contrary to the interests of the French. In addition, we advocate for the restoration of the most important relations of cooperation with Russia, which is also located on the European continent constituted a key element in Europe’s security and is a priority partner in resolving the Syrian crisis. Thus, we seek to restore the necessary balance of French foreign policy.

Of what cooperation with Russia is it?

— On military cooperation, on cooperation in terms of intelligence. In addition, you must restore the trade. Our agriculture is now experiencing huge difficulties with international sanctions. The French have no strategic interest in the quarrel with Russia. We were dragged into this situation to the detriment of our economy.

— Do you believe in the possibility of equidistant military cooperation, that is, simultaneously with the United States and Russia?

— Of course, it is possible under condition of coincidence of strategic interests. The same applies to Syria. I can’t say whether Russia and Iran offer a sustainable solution. At the same time, I do know that the offer last American administration and Francois Hollande have led to the fact that Western countries arming terrorists. The worst situation, which only could imagine. So now we need to calmly reflect on what are the strategic interests of France and whether they coincide with the interests of Russia, and also to implement them.

— In your opinion, Crimea is Russian and will remain so?

— The people expressed their point of view.

— Under rather controversial circumstances.

But you and everything always seems questionable. What we need today are free from the Messianic worldview. The world in view of George Bush must be on the Western values. This perception of the world is not even the universalist and Messianic character. On it we have to convert the entire world to our way of life. Marine Le Pen of France seeks to respect for our identity and our sovereignty, so the least we can do is to treat our partners from the sovereign countries with the same respect. In other words, interference is unacceptable.

— Do you think that Ukraine belongs to the Russian sphere of influence?

— The assertion that Ukraine is not included in the Russian sphere of influence, is nonsense. It also falls within the sphere of influence of its nearest neighbors. All countries are influenced by the neighbors. It is an obvious fact. At the same time, we did not keep this promise Russia the collapse of the USSR. We are pledged to maintain regarding the demilitarized zone at the Russian border. But NATO set up military bases in the immediate vicinity. Today the Baltic States are the American fighters that can just a minute to get to St. Petersburg. It’s unreasonable and irresponsible and is a violation of this word.