When dieting becomes dangerous: the warning signs

Trying to lose weight as quickly as possible, many people begin to literally starve. Not realizing that too harsh calorie restriction may not accelerate, but rather to stall weight loss, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to Orthodox.

Calorie restriction up to starvation almost always gives a result opposite of the desired effect. In fact, to burn calories, our bodies needed the calories. This is how to light a fire – you need to have something extra for ignition, at least a match. Food is not only fuel for the body, but also a means of firing: it “stirs up” the metabolism and triggering the process of burning calories. When food is not enough, the body begins to burn, but primarily to store energy.

Although calorie daily depends on activity level, age and gender, most women should eat 1200 to 1500 calories a day. If you fall below this level then the body becomes difficult to perform their basic biological functions that support overall health. Not sure if you fit the right numbers? There are several symptoms that points to critical lack of calories:

You always think about food

Can’t concentrate on your everyday duties, because all thoughts are about food? You are either eating too little or choosing the wrong foods that increase the feeling of hunger. Healthy snacks in between meals (yogurt, nuts, and dried fruits) will help you achieve optimal energy intake and concentrate on eating, and on current Affairs. In order not to suffer constantly from hunger, combine in a food product rich in proteins, and foods that are high in fiber. The same yogurt can be supplemented with fruit, a chicken breast with vegetables or cereals, cottage cheese – nuts.

You eat irregularly

I think the fewer there are, the faster you will lose weight? Too long – over 4 hours – missing meals, first, it is fraught with health, secondly, slow metabolism, and thirdly, more likely to lead to a breakdown of dieting and overeating. If you and then skip Breakfast or evening meal, you need to try to eat more regularly. It is recommended that 3 main meals and 2 small snacks a day. If you adhere to the strategy “Not to eat after 6”, then before bed you must, at least drink a glass of nonfat yogurt.

You have lost menstruation

If you lose weight properly, healthy and wholesome foods with enough vitamins and minerals, and reasonable exercise, then you should not notice any critical changes in the menstrual cycle. Lack of calories can lead to violation of menstruation, or even to stop them. The body is simply not enough fat to produce the hormones that trigger menstruation. All because of a reasonable nature simply does not allow for procreation in the conditions of a hypothetical hunger.

Do you suffer from migraines

Our brain operates on glucose coming from the blood, and the blood glucose falls due to eaten carbohydrates. Reduce calories and carbs to the deficit – and your brain is simply not enough energy. If you feel involuntary trembling, dizziness, weakness, if you have clouded consciousness or the onset of a migraine for no apparent reason, it could mean that you do not have enough calories and blood sugar dropped too low. Diabetics as hypoglycemia are well known, but those who never experienced skip-threatening symptoms very easily. In this case, you need to eat some “fast” carbs, simply put, something sweet. And in the future to avoid similar conditions by returning to the diet a little more calories.

You are too irritable

No wonder it is believed that fat people are good people. The hunger on the background of the lack of calories triggers the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which causes irritability. Incidentally, the same hormone responsible for “warehousing” fats. So, if you’re angry all the time, then you start to get fat even with a strict calorie restriction.

You fall asleep on the go

Haven’t done anything yet, and already tired? If the thought of work you tend to sleep, and the day you are constantly dozing off, the blame for this can be not the shortage of sleep and lack of calories. The body due to the lack of energy goes into “sleep mode”. To prevent this from happening, in any case can not refuse a Breakfast or replace it with a Cup of coffee. For Breakfast you need ample calories from protein and complex carbohydrates, which will provide a feeling of satiety and maintain during the working day.